Take Care That Your Work Does Not Replace The Pleasures Of Your Life

Do you remember the last time you heard yourself breathe? Alexis Rojas.

Are you one of the people whose job is so absorbing that you hardly have time to think about why you work? Then this article is for you.

Your journey begins when the sun has not yet risen. You leave in a hurry, with just a sip of coffee in your stomach, because time was not enough, not even to finish just a small cup of that delicious liquid. Was delicious? Perhaps, the rush does not allow you to enjoy the flavors much. And at noon, any piece of pizza or something that allows us to half nourish ourselves will be enough.

When you get home, you remember that you forgot to send some emails that are very important: again in front of the computer. Sometimes it seems that this device is your most faithful companion, always together. When you turn it off, the sun has already set. When would be the last time you said goodbye to the sun?

But adult life is like that or isn’t it? There is no time. Work is absorbing, at least for those of us who want a better life. But what does a better life mean? The best cell phone, the best clothing? Traveling in great places?

But why do you work so hard? What is the goal in your life? Money, things you can buy, or professional prestige? After all, that’s the goal, right ?: study, get a good job, earn money.

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1. Work is a blessing

Having it helps us meet our basic needs. We agree on that. But today many people can get lost in the search for money. In this way, it is very difficult for someone to feel satisfied, since no matter how much money you have, if it does not have a defined purpose, it will never bring us satisfaction.

2. The importance of setting goals

The first thing is to have a goal. Let’s start with the material things. No, don’t even think about it, having money is not a goal, it is only a means. One goal, for example, is to save to buy a house. Yes, it has to be bought with money, but this is not the main goal. You want the house to share with your family and, more than the house, the important thing is to build a home.

That means your job has a goal: you don’t just work to get more money, you work to achieve something that you and your family want. In this way this achievement will fill your spirit. Otherwise, you will never feel satisfied.

3. Professional goals

Each of the achievements in your career can make you happy. But you also need to set goals. I remember a friend who worked as a manager of a company. It felt good to be able to work on what she had studied, but above all to achieve great achievements. On the material side, she had achieved many things thanks to this. However, after a while the day became tedious and she did not find great delight in her work.

It was then that he decided to turn his life around. He accepted a job with a lower salary, but with the challenge of starting a new company. Satisfaction returned to his life, because his professional goal was not to make money, but to do something that filled his spirit.

4. Not everything has to be goals

Sometimes you just have to sit in the rocking chair on the patio, forget about work a bit, observe how much your children have grown, like this, without thinking about anything else. Breathe deeply, feeling how the air is filling your body with life, breathe so deeply that you can feel inner peace. Listen to your heartbeat and feel the blood rush through your body to give you life, and give you time to thank God for that breath of air that allows you to enjoy life’s pleasures. And then answer: when was the last time you heard yourself breathe?

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