Surprising Skills That Only Left Hands Have

Learn about the surprising skills and curiosities of left-handed people

I always grew up with the idea that left-handed people were smarter, since my mother was and always repeated it. However, it is not about competing with the degree of intelligence, but about knowing some skills and curiosities that left-handed people have.

As well as Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in many countries, the International Left-handed Day has been celebrated since 1976 every August 13, thanks to that many places in the world recognize the skills and curiosities of left-handed people.

Why are they born left-handed?

After several years of research, the Ruhr University of Bochum (Germany), shared an article published in the eLife magazine, where they affirm that the ability to use the left side of the brain, develops in the womb, the cause is the marrow spinal, since it is in charge of controlling the movements of the limbs.

The specialists found that at eight weeks of gestation there are already genetic differences between left-handed and right-handed. According to experts, environmental influences are those that affect the spinal cord, causing people to be born left-handed, however, research is still continuing.

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How does the brain work?

The left hemisphere is responsible for language, writing, logic, speaking, and abstract thinking. The right hemisphere is the one in charge of controlling emotions, mimic language and musical and artistic sensitivity.

The curiosities and abilities of left-handed children are:

1. They lack a dominant hemisphere

According to a study published in the journal Pediatrics in 2010, specialists found that left-handers are more likely to suffer from dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. The issue is still unclear, however, it is believed to be associated with brain connections and not having a dominant hemisphere.

2. They are artists

As the left hemisphere is responsible for language and other skills, left-handers tend to have more developed their creativity in generating new ideas, they love to lean towards the artistic, music, art, painting, sculpture, even technology. A study published in the American Journal of Psychology revealed that left-handed people are better at managing divergent thinking.

3. They are good at sports

A study affirms that left-handed children have ability for sports such as soccer, tennis, boxing, running (sports where high impact exercises are applied). Specialists consider that the left hemisphere is faster than the right in terms of body movements.

4. They perceive different sounds

According to the Georgetown University Medical Center, they affirm that left-handed people have a greater ability to hear slow sounds, this is explained because the left hemisphere that controls the right hand prefers sounds that change quickly and those of the right hemisphere that controls the left hand prefer slow, slow sounds.

5. They tend to get angry easily

Left-handed children tend to get angry more easily, since the areas that process emotions are not those that they usually control, therefore many emotions or situations perceive them in a negative way and are subject to greater activity, so they are usually irritable and they get angry sometimes for no reason.

6. Most are shy

They worry about making mistakes and being criticized, according to a study by Abertay University in Scotland. They tend to be more shy and doubt more of their abilities and intellect.

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It is not a question of comparing left-handers with right-handers, but of knowing their abilities and understanding the reason for their actions and behaviors. Remember that it is not a disability or something to worry about, it is a normal attitude.

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