Strong-willed People Have More Friends, Experts Say

Having a strong character has its advantages, and it brings more friends into your life.

Some friends go and some come. It’s part of life. You will remember your faithful adventure friends, those with whom you had fun when you were a child or those friends with whom you talked for hours and hours about some platonic love when you were a teenager; or even in adulthood you can see that these friendships are now a fundamental part of your life.

As my grandmother used to say, “friends are chosen and last when the value of friendship is known”. Today I remember a good friend who I appreciate very much despite having a very strong character.

She was too critical, direct, she did not limit herself to just saying what she thought, her arguments were validated as unique and acceptable. She even made strong decisions about what she should do or not do.

He projected to have high self-esteem, for some reason he seemed to know what he wanted. One of her qualities was that she was always surrounded by friends. According studies on the psychology of personality, people with strong character They tend to be more sociable and tend to be friendly and fun, therefore they have more friends.

This friend, despite her decisive character, has always shown me to be authentic and loyal; and I learned that her character was formed due to her personal experiences that she developed throughout her life.

How do people with strong personalities make good friends?

They say what they think

On more than one occasion he told me what he did not want to hear. He never limited himself to expressing what he thought even though the truth of his words hurt me. His arguments were valid, since he wanted me to learn to deal with every situation. Each criticism was constructive, as it helped me improve as a person.

In her there were no lies and no detours, since she always said things directly.

They are excellent motivators

People with strong character have the virtue of being leaders, since they know perfectly the abilities of the people around them. It’s always easy for them to tell their friends what they need to do to improve.

When you receive their advice and opinions, you will learn that it is for your good and by magic you will feel more positive and motivated, feeding your self-esteem, confidence and security.

Your fears go away

People with strong character are very sure of themselves, they usually know what they want, knowing the correct ways to reach their goals and dreams. They are capable of facing their fears, doubts and stress, making risky decisions to get what they want.

Therefore, it will motivate you to be an adventurous, risky and more confident person, since its strength will infect you. Also, you will know that you will always have their support in any unforeseen event you have.

They cut toxic relationships 

Strong-willed people know what they want and are very blunt when cutting off toxic friends. They have no compassion for those people who get in the way of their personal growth, their goals or dreams.

Therefore, you will be sure that if you are friends with a person with a strong character, it is because you are helping them to improve in any aspect of their life. You are indispensable to her!

They are protectors

Friends with a strong character are very loyal, so they defend their friends tooth and nail, for no reason will they accept that they hurt you or hurt you. The value of friendship is the most important thing to them, so they will always be by your side when faced with a stressful or dangerous situation.

They are not afraid to fight for what is fair. Therefore, your friend will always be the first to defend you in any situation, as he appreciates and values ​​your friendship.

They are humble

Friends with strong characters can find it difficult to recognize their weaknesses. However, since your quality is telling the truth, they will recognize when they are wrong. They show you with different actions that they are humble, and they will ask for your forgiveness.

Honesty and openness is what characterizes them, so when they acknowledge a mistake, it will cause your relationship to grow stronger.

They know how to listen

Strong-willed people are very observant, as they are capable of analyzing and reflecting on the different ways to get what they want. Therefore, they have the quality of knowing how to listen to their friends, to be able to guide and support them in everything they need. They are great for giving good advice and troubleshooting.

They value your friendship

Despite the fact that people with strong character are very independent because they have well-established goals, they value friendship, since they consider it as a way to grow in personal, intellectual and spiritual aspects.

They will never compete with you, on the contrary, they will help you to be a better person, taking out your virtues and qualities.

Trust your friends and be guided by their advice. Value their friendship and remember to strengthen your relationship with love, loyalty, and respect. A good friend is for life! Learn from them and live each unforgettable experience to the fullest. It does not matter if you have many or few friends, as long as they are true friends!

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