Striving For Outer Beauty Can Take You On A Journey Of No Return

Accept with love what you are and cultivate your inner beauty, as you will need it in the face of the inescapable passage of time. Because striving for outer beauty can take you on a journey of no return.

Doris’s story is the story of many women in my country, who in their mad rush to see themselves more physically beautiful, embarked on a journey of no return.

Doris was a successful sales executive for a multinational company, with a beautiful face and a harmonious body. However, for her it was never enough, she was always buying all sorts of products to lose a little weight or tone some part of her body; her favorite themes revolved around diets or surgeries that increased the bust, shaped the waist, stretched the skin, and so on. But beyond the normal interest every woman has in staying attractive, Doris was actually obsessed.

One day he wanted to go further and made the decision to have cosmetic surgery. Decision to which her husband Guillermo objected, because he considered that Doris was a very beautiful woman who did not need any change at all. He loved her and accepted her as she was, but the one who demanded herself more and more was Doris.

Despite Guillermo’s refusal, he continued with his plans: he coordinated a few days off from work, sent his two little daughters to their mother’s house, and prepared everything for surgery.

Faced with the impossibility of preventing Doris from having surgery, Guillermo decided to accompany her. The intervention began promptly as planned: two hours later a strange movement began in and out of the operating room; the nurses ran, over the loudspeaker they requested the assistance of other specialists to the surgery room where Doris was. Guillermo, about to go mad with anguish, minutes later he put his hands to his head, incredulous and horrified at the news of Doris’s death.

Beauty worth cultivating

Today’s society has undoubtedly led thousands of adolescents and women to embark on frantic careers for being what they are not. Television, cinema and advertising in general set the tone for what is beautiful, and those who do not have their values ‚Äč‚Äčingrained or still lack a true sense of life are carried away by the current with sad outcomes like Doris’s.

Cultivate your inner beauty

Within normal limits, it is understandable and acceptable to want to look harmonious and aesthetically beautiful. Although you have the possibility to maintain a body weight to your liking or change the tone of the hair, there are things that you definitely cannot change: the size of your hands, your height, the color of your eyes and your skin, the shape of Your ears; in short, the physical aspect in general.

There are simple and natural methods such as diet and exercise that you can use to counteract the marks left by time, or to maintain a harmonious and beautiful figure. Despite this, the wear and tear of maintaining external physical beauty must be substantially less compared to the time and energy that must be devoted to cultivating inner beauty.

I ask you, why struggle with what you cannot change in your physical appearance? Instead, you could dedicate yourself to growing internally, which is where the true beauty of the human being lies.

How to do it

1. Find a meaning in life

Find out what you like to do and dedicate yourself to it with your soul. Some people find a meaning in life by helping others through charitable works: giving time, visiting the sick, listening to lonely people, giving a helping hand to someone in need; in short, just giving a little of himself.

On the other hand, it is difficult to be beautiful on the inside and externalize it if your work or the profession you have chosen does not make you happy or does not go according to your expectations. It is never too late to reconsider and reorient your life in some way, trying to achieve what you have always wanted to be.

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2. Cultivate your mind and spirit

Spiritual people are beautiful, they heal the soul of those around them. They inspire tranquility, peace and confidence. Everyone around you loves and enjoys your company. Controlling your emotions, staying calm in the midst of life’s adversities, praying and reading self-improvement books, meditating, and taking time out of the day to read and reflect can all help you grow spiritually.

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3. Smile

But let it be a smile that is born from inner happiness and acceptance and approval of who you are. A smile is one of the warmest expressions that one human being can give to another. Have you ever experienced the anxiety of facing a job interview or a particular situation? Did you notice how a smile dispelled all your fears? That’s how powerful a smile is, it beautifies the soul and the expression of the face of any human being.

Accept with love what you are and cultivate your inner beauty, you will need it before the inescapable passage of time. And because striving for outer beauty can take you on a journey of no return.

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