Strange And Tragic Death Of Father And Son In The Same Accident Even Though They Were Not Traveling Together, Moves The United States

Neither of them imagined that he was going to be the cause of the other’s death by making bad decisions.

This tragic story draws attention due to the strange circumstances in which it happened, and at the same time makes us think about all those details that we often overlook, and that are there precisely to preserve our lives.

The case is extremely particular, and something that surpasses fiction or a novel of those in which everything fits for something like this to happen.

Jeffrey Brasher, 50, was a well-known bread delivery man in Alabama, United States, and like every day, he started his work day very early. Like one of so many days, Brasher was heading to work at 4 in the morning, not knowing that it would be the last day of his life when he collided with his own son, Austin.

Austin, 22, was coming home from a party and his father was on the same route, but in the opposite direction he was on his way to work at 4 in the morning.

According to the police report and according to what was published by UP Social, neither of them was wearing a seat belt. One of the two crossed into the opposite lane causing the fatal accident, but the police have not declared who, but it is speculated that it was Austin since he allegedly drank alcohol at the party he had been at.

As reported by People magazine, the accident shocked the town in which they both resided and posters can be seen on the roads asking people to pray for the family.

Can some tragedies be avoided?

Of course. Most of us have the tendency that when a safety rule is simple, such as fastening your seat belt when we are in a vehicle, we do not do it because we do not consider it ‘important or necessary’.

According to Injury Prevention & Control: Motor Vehicle Safety, more than half of the people who die in vehicle accidents are not wearing seat belts. Although, today, due to the large number of campaigns and education, fewer and fewer people are not wearing seat belts.

What we do NOT know about the use of seat belts

  • Seat belts prevent people from being thrown out of the car in the event of an accident.

  • People who don’t use them are 30 times more likely to die in an accident.

  • More than 3 out of 4 people who are thrown from a vehicle in an accident die.

  • Wearing seat belts saves thousands of lives annually

  • It takes only 10 seconds of your life to put it on and a lifetime to be grateful for having invested those 10 seconds in putting it on.

Alcohol while driving

In this particular case, it is believed that alcohol was one of the contributing factors to this tragedy, which would have caused one of the two drivers to cross lanes.

We know that the father died instantly, and his son only hours later in a hospital in the area.

According to MADD, on average, every 53 minutes a person is killed in an accident in the USA due to a drunk driver, and every 2 minutes someone is injured by a drunk driver.

The rule is quite simple: If you are going to drive, do not drink alcohol.

Most people who drink believe that alcohol does not cloud their judgment, but obviously it does, if it did not, we would not be reporting this tragedy in which father and son die as a result of making bad decisions.

Let’s be more responsible. Just because the rule is simple does not mean that it will not serve to save the life or the life of someone else.

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