Someday You Will Be Old And You Will Not Be Able To Work. Have You Thought About How You Are Going To Survive?

It is enough to review the news about the economy, the lack of employment and bad consumption habits to know that our future as older adults will be very, very difficult. Anticipate those scenarios by reading this article.

The economic situation is becoming more complex every day, inflation levels do not stop, getting a job and keeping it is a miracle. More and more young people enter productive life with lower wages and minimal benefits, which causes older people to be soon displaced. This happens. It is happening.

With all this panorama, for those of us who live in Latin America -if not in the whole world-, each year that passes we can see that our future will not be easy at all in terms of how to survive in old age, after retirement or retirement. retirement.

Faced with this situation, it is a serious mistake to continue thinking that being over 60 years old:

You can live with the pension …

… that the government or public security provide you. That is a lie, and if you don’t believe me, ask those who are receiving it today how they are doing. Also, if the amount received is already meager, imagine that to have one you must have worked many years in a company or any other source of work; As if that weren’t enough, if you don’t have this benefit in your job, things get even more difficult.

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You can keep working and support yourself

Did you know that more than half of pensioners are forced to continue working in order to meet their needs? Yes, but with very low salaries and without benefits. What will happen if you cannot find a job or are not physically fit to do so?

That your children will support you

This option must be discarded at the root, because although it is true that still in Latin America the family union and traditions have endured and children take care of older parents instead of sending them to nursing homes, the trend is changing, because those children now also They are parents and life is not enough for them to support their own family expenses.

My father used to say, “A father can support a hundred children and a hundred children cannot support a father,” and it is true. You know why? Because those children are supporting their own children! It is the law of life, that simple. It is very appreciated that a child takes care of his parents, old or sick, but ask yourself: are you going to let him simply support you and thus make his loads heavier than they already are?

Help yourself from today. Don’t be a burden when you can still do a lot for yourself in the present.

That you will not live long

No one knows how long he will live and under what conditions. Therefore, assuming that we will live for a long time full of health and energy can be as dangerous as assuming that we will die soon, without suffering and without generating extra expenses.

Prepare your finances as if you were the father of children forever. By the way, paying for a funeral service in advance is not a bad idea.

That there will be no diseases

Are you sure? And tell me, how is your health today? Do you stay at your weight? Nobody knows when we will fall into bed or for how long we will suffer from any disease or the ones we love will suffer from it, so organize your money as if you were going to pay for emergency surgery each month. A good recommendation is: start eating better and exercising today.

Now, if with the above information I have managed to scare you at least a little, you will be interested to know that today you can put these recommendations into practice and make that future not so terrible in the economic part.

Every weight counts

“Who knows how to take care of the pennies, will not have to take care of their pesos”, the saying goes. Keep a precise control of your expenses and check how is your way of spending, where the money is going and become aware of the resource that is escaping. Those leaks are the best points to save.

Two heads are better than one …

… And in the case of wages, the same thing happens. If you are married and you both work, that’s good! But now imagine if you lose one of those jobs, everything gets complicated, right? Therefore, today it is imperative that we can have an alternate income to our regular employment. A business, a second job, something that gives you an extra income. Do not trust that today you win well and that it will be like this forever.

Saving, saving, saving

There is no other way, save on resources, save on income, save the way you want, but save. If you can save 10 percent of your monthly income, your old age will be a little more comfortable and peaceful.

Avoid divorce, seriously!

In a divorce you lose more than you win. He thinks that it is better and easier to work together, fix the differences and keep trying to end everything, end the family patrimony to pay for lawyers, stay bankrupt and above all, alone.

Family life and marriage are a good investment.

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Life insurances

My father-in-law died suddenly, he did not manage to get a pension for my mother-in-law and she lives thanks to the good administration she has had of the life insurance that he left her. Whenever possible, consider acquiring one.

Investment funds

A few years ago it was still thought that investments were only for rich people or that they required strong capital, but today there are more facilities to do so and increase our capital for retirement.

Growing old and being able to retire from this life leaving our affairs in order is one of the best gifts of love that we can give for ours. Make decisions today that help your future.

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