Slavery Exists In Modern Life

After reading this I realized that I am a slave. Do you have any slavery?

Have you ever wondered if you are really free. I asked myself this question seriously after watching the movie Twelve Years a Slave , by director Steve McQueen. The film recreates the real life story of an Afro-descendant man, who has managed to climb a social position in New York. This man is kidnapped in Washington DC in 1841, and taken to the south of the country to become a slave for several years. Beyond the outrage and the reflection that caused me to see the harshness of the life experience of many people nearly two centuries ago, I wondered if today we can say that we are completely free. I find, however, that only the object that enslaves us has changed; I feel that, somehow, we are still slaves.

Identify in this note if something enslaves you and how to strengthen your character to avoid it:

Slaves of the cell phone, the computer, the video games

This is undeniable. A parallel world develops at the same time in the lives of many people, a world that they do not see because they are embedded, absorbed, enslaved in their personal devices.

Slaves of appearances

Many people lie to please others, they invent lives they do not have and live slaves to those lives that are not theirs.

Slaves of laziness, lack of initiative, mediocrity

It sounds strong, but it really isn’t if you look at it objectively. The human being has an incalculable potential to achieve with work, dedication, faith and trust in God everything that he proposes and wishes to achieve. However, on many occasions he allows himself to be consumed by inertia, inertia, and laziness; He does things to do them but, in doing them, he does not give his heart and everything he can give, and that marks his existence. The response it receives from the universe is proportional to what it gives, to what it delivers.

Slaves to bad habits

Most likely, in search of that something that fills their existential emptiness, many end up in drugs, drunk, fall into pornography, gluttony and many other bad habits that enslave their lives, filling them with a deepening void.

How to break the chains?

It is time to change history, to break the chains, to say no more! Your family, the beauty of the landscape that surrounds you and the life around you claim you. How to do it? In this other article, learn how to abandon bad habits,

Identify the object that enslaves you

Reflect on the influence that this behavior has on your life

Would you like to change, be different, leave behind that which takes away your will?

If so, you have to take small steps to achieve it, but sincerely trying. Set a goal and go towards it; For example, do you spend many hours in front of the computer doing unproductive things? Start by reviewing how much time you spend; If you determine that you do it for three hours, for example, when you sit down at the computer again, check the clock and set a goal, lean on God for it; Pray like this, for example, “Lord, my God, give me your strength not to be in this activity more than necessary, help me to use my time well, give me a sense of life, help me find an activity that edifies me. I can do everything in Christ who is my strength, amen. And do not stay longer than you planned. In this article you will find other ways to make a change in your life.

Take refuge in the love of God

Ask him with all your heart to help you eliminate from your life what does not build it, ask him to break the chains that bind you and you can be free. God has given you power, the ability to control yourself and I am sure that if you propose it and rely on the strength of the Creator, you will be able to extinguish from yourself everything that prevents you from achieving happiness and a free and full life.

Pray to God to help you eliminate from your life everything that does not build it, so you can break the chains that enslave you to a meaningless life, because God has given you the power to dominate yourself.


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