Singing And Music Help Children’s Brain Development, According To Science

No matter the style or genre, music is more than art, it is health.

Singing is a liberating art for me. I must confess that I would have loved to have a good voice and thus sing beautifully. My interest was so great that I belonged to choirs when I was little and also while I was studying at university. However, I could never feel very sure of my voice. Still, singing is something that frees me and in one way or another makes me feel very happy.

If you do that with a grown woman, imagine how wonderful it must be to sing or play a musical instrument for a child.

Science, music and children

We adults are always looking for a reason to allow our children to do something. Always reasoning and looking for a productive why for something that can be merely recreational, and that allows your child to be distracted without implying something that the little one wants to dedicate himself to in adulthood.

We must learn to allow children to be children and to enjoy their childhood, just as you did in your time.

There are children who from a very young age show great skills and a taste for music, and fortunately, there are also parents who encourage and cultivate those skills. And even if the child has no skills, you can always encourage him to sing without looking for an expert, just for fun.

In this regard, a study carried out by the German scientist and musician Dr. Karl Adamek, explains that singing in school-age children helps them to achieve optimal development of their mental, physical and social skills.

He also adds that regardless of beliefs, region, religion or culture, every child in the world can be benefited in the improvement of their quality of life if they dedicate time to singing, as it helps them to develop in multiple areas and have a future more positive potential.

The healing power of music

This is something that in many moments of life we ​​have all experienced. It is coming home after a day full of discomforts and obligations, putting on some music while you cook, tidying up your house or just sitting and closing your eyes to rest, and feeling how you slowly relax and let the melody carry you. It is as if you instantly take all the weight off your body and soul.

But it is that music not only helps people exhausted by the routine or the problems in their life. Studies indicate thatharp music can help relieve stress in newborn babies.

In addition to the above, music can help people in a coma to revive and get out of it, of course the support that the patient’s family gives him while he is going through this situation has a lot to do with this.

Music in general is used by many hospitals to improve the quality of life of patients with mental and emotional illnesses according to AMTA (American Music Therapy Association )

Music therapy techniques in children

You have already seen how singing helps your child in his mental, physical and social development. Now you will see how music in general can help you deal with syndromes and different types of emotional disorders.

Play instruments

Being able to play a musical instrument refers to some type of motor ability, which is why it is so useful to help children with motor difficulties, physical disabilities and / or coordination problems. It also serves to help childrendevelop your hearing and memory fixation.


Singing (even if they do not do it like an expert) helps children in their oral development and communication as it stimulates learning the correct structuring of words and sentences. Singing also stimulates the phonatory apparatus, improves memory and neural association.

Musical audition

Like singing, listening to different tunes, sounds, and musical instruments stimulates language development and association memory. It also helps children improve their attention.


Writing songs helps children develop their creativity and stimulates their imagination. It also encourages language development due to the association of words and helps them to have a good recall memory.

Musical games

This type of games helps children to follow rules, it also helps them in the development of thinking, creativity, memory and concentration.

Music: an art that can cure any evil

History is full of examples of genius men who dedicated their lives, from earliest childhood, to creating music. In order not to go too far, I think we all know the example of Mozart, who at the age of 4 played the harpsichord and was capable of composing small musical works.

Moreover, for some time now, many health professionals have recommended pregnant mothers to put their babies to an unborn child to listen to music by this composer to help the fetus to develop their brain through the early stimulation.

Music in any of its versions can help everyone to feed their thirst for knowledge, to overcome and deal with diseases of all kinds.

You may or may not spend your free time developing your musical skills or just listening to music, it is your choice. Furthermore, knowing that from any point of view, singing or playing an instrument can help your child in his motor, intellectual and social development, failure to do so would be wasting a valuable tool that will help him throughout his life in aspects that still escape our imagination.

Take the opportunity, and give your child a gift that will surely not be wasted and will make him a more capable and happy human being, your son will appreciate it.

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