Simple Tips For Meeting New People

Not all the people you will meet in life have the potential to be your friends, but that is not why you should not limit the possibilities of growing your social circle. They all have a role: they enrich our lives.

Meeting people is an art that is in disuse. We have lost the ingenuity to start conversations, and it is that talking is not just about words. The intention, the tone and the effort to keep the interlocutor interested are key factors in capturing interest and making the meeting prosper.

Technology has hijacked the allure of face-to-face communication: now, sadly, we are open on the Internet and closed in real life, empathetic with images and indifferent to human beings, adept at abbreviations and ignorant of how to make friends.

The ability to interact is now our greatest weakness. It is so rare to see strangers talking that recently, in a row, I ended up talking about soccer, and the employee of the place believed that we were a group of acquaintances and not individual clients.

While it is true that not all the people you will meet in life have the potential to be your friends, you should not limit the possibilities of growing your social circle. Everyone has a role: some are confidants, others are fun, some more give us pleasant talks, but in general they all enrich our lives.

How to meet people in five simple steps

1. Don’t wear headphones!

Either turn them down, or use them only in one ear. The idea is that you are aware of what is happening around you. So, if something interesting happens, you can find out and even talk about it. Use technology, but do not obsess over it, because in obsession you can lose the opportunity to be a friend.

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2. If they speak to you, answer

It seems elementary, but it is not. In fact, there are many people who pretend they don’t see or hear you and you feel ridiculous for talking to yourself. So please, if they do speak to you, kindly answer.

3. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation

You can start by making a comment about what is happening, sometimes just a short phrase is enough to allow others to relax. And if anyone dared to take that first step, go with the flow, because you do not know the effort that involved doing it.

4. Make eye contact and preferably smile

It is impossible for someone to even try to address you if you do not bother to look at his face, or if you have the expression of few friends. Try to look and be approachable. And give yourself the opportunity to accept invitations to share, of course always taking care of your safety. The confidence is earned.

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5. Don’t talk about uncomfortable topics

If she is a girl, don’t start trying to win her over, because that attitude is unpleasant and inappropriate. Don’t be offensive, violent, overly pushy, and don’t invade the personal space of others. Failure to follow some of these tips will surely make you fail in your attempt to meet people.

Finally, if you have already managed to create a bond, good for you! But remember that for acquaintances to become friends requires time, openness, trust, loyalty, understanding and commitment from both parties. Meeting people is an art that requires practice, but making real friends, and above all keeping them, that is the real challenge.

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