Siamese Twins Manage To Live Despite The Doctors’ Predictions. They Will Not Be Separated!

Siamese babies managed to survive after the few chances of life that doctors diagnosed.

Children are a great blessing and the most beautiful gift in life. Ideally, they should be born in good health, however, sometimes it is impossible, despite this, parents will always love our children and we will be there to guide, educate and support them.

An example of this was shared by Upsocl and other media, where they tell the beautiful story of 24-year-old Chelsea and 28-year-old Nick Torres, the parents of 10-month-old twins Callie and Carter. They were notified by specialists that Chelsea was pregnant with conjoined twins, for which they advised to abort, due to the limited possibilities of life.

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A decision full of love

The parents refused the suggestion of the specialists and decided to continue with the pregnancy, achieving that the babies were born on January 30 at the children’s hospital in Texas. The girls are attached from the belly, share a pair of legs, the intestines and the colon. Scientifically, their union is defined as Isquipopagas (connection at the level of the lower pelvis).

Children are born Siamese due to a mutation during the development of the embryo. Siamese twins are twins who have not been completely separated since gestation. The union occurs, due to a problem in the development of the cells of monozygotic embryos, the division of cells occurs late, the more time passes, it is likely that they share the organs.

Challenges and learning

At first when the parents met the little ones, they fell in love immediately, they thought they had to separate them. However, specialists affirm that for the moment the little ones are healthy, but that in the future they will have to be separated.

Each case is different, due to the type of union that the babies have, the specialists will carry out an exhaustive study to determine which organs are complete and if it is possible to separate them. It is possible that one of the babies will have to die or that the separation will cause severe physical disabilities and permanent brain damage.

A new life

Parents are adjusting to their new life, they are conducting a fundraising campaign in order to adapt their home to be able to live comfortably according to the special needs that babies require.

Thanks to the Utah Assistive Technology Center, they were able to design a special chair for easy portability. The chair fulfills in order to help girls receive the strength their legs need. It had a cost of 400 dollars.

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Special cares

Caring for Siamese twins is a great challenge, both physically and emotionally. They are unable to move, eat, control their own brain or heart functions on their own. So they require permanent help and provide a safe space for them to survive. According to statistics, many conjoined twins live healthily to age 60 or older, thanks to new techniques used to perform separation surgeries.

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