She Weighed 200 Kg, So She Made A Promise Of Love To Her Husband And He Decided To Give Her This Answer

When you see what this couple could achieve between the two, you will know that true love has no limits.

The name of his Instagram account reveals exactly what it was that caused a resounding change in his life. ” Fat girl fed up ” is the user in the famous social network, where Lexi told how fed up she felt about her obesity, and began to document how she took control of her life. But she was not alone, her husband also wanted to accompany her and follow in her footsteps.

Lexi and Danny weighed 219 kg and 138 kg respectively. Life is not easy for them, and they decided to change that for good. According to La Vanguardia, this couple is all the rage on the networks after documenting how they made the decision to lose weight together and telling the process with each photo. The before and after photos are amazing.

180kg less between the two

As a promise of love, this married couple from Indiana, United States, decided that they would embark on the arduous path of getting fit together. She was obese, and it was going to be a lot more difficult than it was for him, since her weight was much higher. However, together they succeeded, and as of today they have lost 180kg between the two.

The promise of a new life emerged on the eve of the new year in 2016, when they promised themselves that they would do everything possible to make a change that would allow them to lose weight and feel more energized again.

Thus, thanks to a healthy diet and exercises they began to notice the changes. She currently weighs 82 kilos, and Danny, her husband, 84. The photos are compelling and the joy on their faces is contagious and worthy of admiration.


“Doing this as a couple has helped us in many ways,” Lexi, 27, told ABC News. “On the days when we weren’t motivated, we pushed each other to go to the gym. We also began to prepare meals together, setting goals, and day by day we grew closer throughout our journey, “he said.

Mutual accompaniment was one of the keys to the success of this goal. Without a doubt, the fact that they supported each other motivated them to move on and be much healthier today.

What they never imagined is the number of fans who would follow their story. There are many stories of people who lose weight, but stories of love and improvement like these, not so many. And that was what captivated the hundreds of thousands of followers of both on social networks, the spirit of personal improvement of this couple, motivated by love, respect and mutual support.

The customs that the couple had of going to eat at fast food restaurants or sitting on the sofa for hours to watch television, are in the past, because now they share their time doing healthy activities or cooking those foods that they never ate before.

The testimony of the couple seeks to rescue that in truth there are no miracle diets or magical weight loss programs, but that perseverance and perseverance, as well as willpower and motivation do all the work. “There are no words to explain the feeling of saving my own life,” Lexi said. Entering 2018 I have nothing but a newfound happiness for this life that I am living. I am no longer a prisoner in my own body, and I am finally alive. Every day I wake up is a blessing, “she reflected.

Stories to imitate

It could be losing weight, or starting a business, or finishing a college degree. The fact is in the willpower that makes a person achieve their goals. In the case of this marriage, it is evident that together they overcame all adversities and obstacles, and overcame it by far. In the future they will be able to say “we have achieved it together”, because in a marriage that truly loves each other, weight, illness, height, and old age do not matter. In a marriage where there is love, both members accompany each other in any objective and motivate each other.

Stories like these make us believe in the power of love and in the inner strength that each of us has to achieve whatever goal we set for ourselves. The support of those who love us is essential. Surround yourself with positive people, ward off bad thoughts and entrust yourself to your goal to achieve what you set out to do. Share this story of self-improvement to raise awareness about the importance of emotional ties in achieving our goals.

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