She Walked Away From You And You Don’t Know Why? These Are The Reasons

It may not be what you think.

Love does not arise overnight, it is a feeling that is born first from attraction and admiration for someone, and then, if it is cultivated and cared for in the right way, it gives way to that deep love that is free. of physical aspects and transcends time and space.

I know that if you have ever loved someone you will know what I am trying to capture, just as I also know that the love you feel can also be extinguished due to lack of care; that is what sometimes happens to many women who love without their affection being reciprocated in equal measure.

Can love wear out?

I know it sounds like a silly question but it is not; the reason? Easy, the number of people who believe that you can continue to love after countless rudeness, abuse, neglect and heartbreak, is incredible.

Furthermore, there are those who, after having subjected their life partner to a repetitive series of degrading events, feel that it is their wife’s obligation to continue there, fighting striving to keep the love and the “relationship” alive, while she it is completely destroyed.

We all get tired

So you can see what I’m talking about and just to give you an example, I will take you a little into the “tragic” story of my love life.

A few years ago I fell in love with a man who I thought was the best and most special in the world. I didn’t even know when or how I fell in love with him; The truth is that I was blind, several times she was rude to me, I discovered infidelities, she told me lies and I was still in love with her.

On one occasion he ended the relationship because he was with someone else, of course I did not know that from his own voice, I found out from someone else.

Realizing that made me feel like I was dying; It hurt so much that I plunged into a sadness like I never imagined I could feel.

I simply left, I no longer had a place in his life and no matter how much I wanted to, I should have dignity. For 4 years I loved a man who did not deserve it and paid badly for the love I gave him.

Finally, all the damage he caused me caused the love I felt for him to die. It took him a little longer to realize that he no longer felt anything for him.

I am sure that he was used to the level of attention I gave him, but how could he not do it if I loved him?

His problem is that he never expected me to get tired, to react and to get away from someone who only knew how to hurt.

What happens when a man stops being loved by a woman?             

Several things are going to happen that will completely benefit the emotional life of each one of us.

  • (Fortunately) he will take a back seat

A man used to being present 24/7 in a woman’s life is no longer relevant to her in all aspects of her life.

With that, the woman will have a new life full of opportunities, new friends and even the possibility of a new love if that is what she wants.

  • You feel comfortable with your alone time

When you love you feel the need to be with that person constantly; But when you don’t feel anything for him anymore, you just love being at home reading, watching TV or going out alone for a walk or whatever, and that time with you helps you re-discover yourself as a new woman.

  • You set new goals

Many couples make plans together; That is why it is not surprising that when you stop loving a man things change, that is when you start to think about your own goals and fight to achieve them.

  • You discover that you can be happy

If you are with someone who does not love you, of course you suffer; Letting go and getting over it makes you see that you can be happy in ways you never imagined being alone.

A woman can come to love you a lot and do things for you that you never imagined. But when in the end she gets tired of insisting on loving someone who does not value her and with whom she has no future, the most likely thing is that she will walk away and take you out of her life forever.

If you have a woman who loves you and you know that she is good for you, what are you waiting for to treat her well and give her the place she deserves?

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