She Takes A Picture Of A Tender Moment Between Father And Son, Without Knowing That The Man Would Die A Minute Later Next To His Son

It never occurred to him that this photo would be the last thing this 6-year-old would have left of his father.

A wonderful father

Recently, on the Newsner portal, the moving story of Malik Williams was published, a young father of two children who, despite the difficulties that life presented him since childhood, always strove to give the best of himself for his family . Without a doubt, and against all expectations, Malik proved to be a man who, beyond justifying himself for having been adopted as a child or kicked out at eighteen, strove to be a wonderful father to his children.

And so he showed it until the last day of his life, when he gave them the greatest and last proof of his love. According to the aforementioned publication, that day – apparently ordinary – Malik and his girlfriend Heather had planned to take their two little ones for a walk. The arrangement had been that while Heather would stay in the car with Joziah, the second of their children, Malik would go with 6-year-old Jaden fishing.

It was then that Riley Gomez, a young lover of photography, began to capture the pleasant fatherly bond that was perceived between Malik and Jaden, while they were fishing on the dock. Without even thinking about it, that afternoon Riley took the last photographs of that father and son who loved each other deeply and who most enjoyed in life was fishing together.

A real life hero

However, what would happen next was something that could never have been predicted. Little Jaden suddenly fell into the water and, without thinking for a single moment, Malik leaped with the determination to save him, despite the fact that he himself could not swim. Along with the help of another person who immediately approached upon realizing what was happening, Malik managed to get his son to safety. However, the current of the river was so powerful that afternoon that it dragged him to death.

Indeed, that happy walk ended up becoming a tragedy for Heather and her children. However, the photographs that Riley had taken minutes before Malik died, served as consolation to this young mother who witnessed one of the greatest sacrifices of love: giving her life for a son. Certainly, for Heather and all those who have had the opportunity to know this story, Malik has become a real life hero.

The importance of the bond between parents and children

Without a doubt, like the young man in this moving story, millions of men in the world strive every day to become wonderful parents. In their own way, they try to be the best examples and heroes for their children. Perhaps, without having to die or risk their lives, many of them make important sacrifices to keep those beings they love so much safe.

For this reason, valuing as children the love, care and generosity that parents show us every day, becomes fundamental to strengthen our paternal bonds. Understanding that they would be the only people who would give everything for us will make us enjoy every moment we spend with them to the fullest.

No matter how big or small we are, the experience of Malik and his son teaches us that we should take advantage of every moment to take a picture of ourselves with our parents, go out for a walk with them or tell them how much we love them.

How to be a better dad

Finally, some other of the most significant lessons that we can rescue from Malik’s history are those that, unconsciously, show us how to be a better father, despite adversity. Here are some of them:

  • Leave behind the bad things of your past and focus on the good that the present offers you

  • Love your children with intensity

  • Spend as much time as possible with them

  • Discover common interests or tastes and share them

  • Tell them every day how much you love them

  • Become the father you wish you had

  • Build with them the best memories they can have of you, for when you are no longer by their side.

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