Shakira’s First Song At The Age Of 11 (it Will Be Hard For You To Recognize It) Plus 14 Incredible Things That Nobody Knows About Her

She has changed incredibly and helps us to think that when you want something there is nothing that can stop you. Let’s use your strengths and weaknesses for inspiration.

She has changed incredibly and helps us to think that when you want something there is nothing that can stop you. Let’s use your strengths and weaknesses for inspiration.

1. His first song at 11

In this video she was only 11 years old, and it is very difficult to recognize her, which is easy, that is, she has evolved as an artist in an impressive way

2. He lost his half brother

He lost his 4-year-old half brother in a motorcycle bike accident, in which he was killed by a drunk driver. She was only 2 when this episode took place.

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3. Her grandmother trained her as an Arab dancer

Her ancestry is Lebanese, and it was her grandmother who taught her the art of dancing this dance to encourage her to stay close to her culture. “The hips do not lie”, we can assure that in the life of this beloved singer.

4. He was only 13 when he recorded his first album.

5. He dedicated his first song to his father’s pain

His first song was dedicated to the pain his father felt when his little brother died.

6. Why did Laundry Service call his first album in English?

Her album Laundry Service just turned 15 and her name was chosen in honor of how much she likes to feel clean and fresh.

7. He was going to be the great love of Antonio Banderas

She was to be Zorro’s great love, a role that she rejected for not feeling comfortable enough with her English. Had she played this role, Z Jones wouldn’t have been the lead in Spielberg’s sexy movie.

The brand of… Zorro! The brand……. of Zorro! #denim #ABDesign @selected_official #fashion #design #z #homme

A photo posted by Antonio Banderas (@antoniobanderasoficial) on May 5, 2016 at 2:45 am PDT

8 he’s smarter than you think

Our Colombian singing beauty is not only beautiful and talented, she is also very intelligent, with an IQ of 140 (the average is 100) and speaks fluently 5 languages: Portuguese, Italian, English, Spanish and Arabic.

9. It is extremely healthy

Our famous singer does not drink alcohol, or coffee, and does not smoke. According to AXS, she doesn’t do it to stay fit, and she has the willpower not to break her own rule that fits her convictions. She also does not have any permanent tattoos on her body.

10. If you were not a singer you would like to be an astronomer or a psychologist.

11. Has insecurities like all of us

He hates his ears, and tries to always cover them with his hair.

12. She was invited by Obama

She was invited by President Obama to the White House in 2010 and named a member of the White House Initiative for Educational Excellence for Hispanics in 2011.

13. Shakira and Piqué (the love of his life) share a curious fact

They share the same birthday.

#TBT to celebrate tomorrow’s release of #LaBicycle -Shak and Gerard cycling in 2013! To celebrate the launch of the song #La Bicicleta today in a #tbt we share this photo of Shak and Gerard in? ShakHQ?

A photo posted by Shakira (@shakira) on May 26, 2016 at 2:40 pm PDT

14. Not that tall

She is only 1 meter 57 cm and her love is one meter eighty two.

15. Believe that working hard leads to goals

She is an example in many ways for us women.

If we are honest, she had some talents when she was 11 and started her career, but she has gradually transformed into someone admirable and famous.

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We may not all be famous like her, but we can persevere to achieve our own dreams. Whoever they are, it is never too late to start believing in ourselves.

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