Scientists Have Shown That The Consumption Of Some Vitamins Causes A Fatal Disease; Find Out What It Is About

A study revealed that smoking is one of the causes of lung cancer risk, as well as the consumption of some vitamins.

According to what has been published in the World Health Organization, a third of deaths in the world are associated with behavioral and dietary factors, such as: obesity, reduced intake of fruits and vegetables, lack of physical activity, consumption of tobacco and alcohol. Smoking is the main risk factor and causes 22% of deaths from lung cancer.

The figures are really chilling, cancer is a deadly disease, which in some cases can be avoided by following good eating and behavioral habits. Although there is much information about how to prevent lung cancer, sometimes our own decisions such as smoking, we are conditioned to certain death.

The scientists discovered the relationship of lung cancer with the consumption of vitamins B6 and B12, “not multivitamins”, ingesting these vitamins increases the risk of lung cancer in male smokers by 30 to 4 percent.

The study showed

As published in Journal of Clinical Oncology, was conducted a study led by epidemiologist State, Theodore Brasky University of Ohio, where they analyzed data from more than 77,000 adults, between 50 and 76 years old. It was a long-term investigation, which revealed that taking high doses of vitamins B6 and B12 in individual supplements, not multivitamins, for long periods of time increases the risk of lung cancer.

A sample of the participants had to consume more than 20 milligrams of vitamin B6 and B12, which showed that the risk increased four times more than those who did not consume it.


Vitamins are not bad, just that consuming them in high doses can be dangerous. The study showed that the risk is run by male smokers. Many times the diet assigned by nutritionists to patients with lung cancer contains these supplements, hence the importance of research.

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A solution to reduce lung cancer

The recommendation is to stop smoking and have control over individual consumption of vitamins B6 and B12.

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How to quit smoking

There are many resources to help people quit smoking, however the most important thing is to have a clear goal and become aware that tobacco is a factor that causes lung cancer and death.

What to do?

As published in Medline Plus, quitting smoking can be achieved with:

1. Set a date to start

It is the date on which you will stop smoking completely, it is advisable to start reducing the consumption of cigarettes, with the aim of reaching the established date, the goal has been met.

2. List of reasons

Making a list is important to be able to reflect on the damage it causes to health, as well as personal goals such as having children. What are your motivations?

3. Identify the times prone to smoking

Many people associate drinking coffee with a good cigarette, working in front of the computer and smoking, when they go out at night with friends, when they consume alcohol, when they are bored, when they drive, when there is a work break, etc.

Avoid moments as much as possible and occupy your mind with other things and activities.

4. Make a plan

If you associate coffee with cigarettes, change your habits and have a tea, if you feel stressed take a break and go for a walk, if your job is to be at the computer, choose to eat a nutritious snack, etc.

Changing daily schedules and habits will help to achieve the goal of quitting smoking, eating several small meals instead of three large ones, exercising, chewing sugar-free gum, sucking on a cinnamon stick, among others.

5. Support with medications and other tools

There are nicotine patches sold in any pharmacy, these are placed on the skin and little by little cigarette consumption is reduced, electronic cigarettes are also found. Consult with your trusted doctor and establish the best way to achieve your goals.

Lung cancer is one of the most critical, so it is time to quit smoking and control your diet. Consult with a specialist and avoid excessive consumption of vitamins B6 and B12.

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