Scientists Discover The Cure For Colon Cancer Naturally

The product used by scientists to cure cancer and other diseases is natural and within your reach. Protect your family.

As published in the World Health Organization, colon or colorectal cancer ranks fourth in death in various parts of the world, each year there are more than 240,000 new cases and is believed to increase by 60 percent . Colon cancer begins in the large intestine or rectum, however, other types of cancer can affect the body.

A constant danger

Anyone who does not have good eating habits can be at risk of colorectal cancer, since foods high in fat, low in fiber and excessive consumption of red or processed meats, as well as smoking or drinking alcohol, are associated with cancer .

Older adults are also at risk, or people who suffer from colorectal polyps (glands that develop in the mucous membrane that line the large intestine), or suffer from an inflammatory bowel disease such as ulcerative colitis or have a family history (hereditary).

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A miracle study

The scientists from the University of Adelaide, Australia, published an article in Raw Food Word, where they found effective cure for those suffering from colon cancer, studies revealed that lauric corrosion (component coconut oil), manages to poison more 93% of tumor cells, in 48 hours after treatment.

Even clinics like the American Society for Nutrition showed that the fat that makes up coconut oil can help other types of diseases and illnesses such as diabetes, osteoporosis, hepatitis C, herpes, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s, as well as to improve the functioning of the liver and reduce the discomfort of chemotherapies.

How were the studies

Several investigations were carried out where it was experimented in Petri dishes, performing procedures in a controlled environment outside of a living organism, which may detract from its credibility and efficacy. However, there are many studies in this regard that prove the wonders of coconut oil to cure colon cancer.

Why consume coconut oil?

It kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, helps digestion and metabolism of the liver, reduces inflammation, improves the skin and allows wounds to heal quickly, even aids in weight loss.

Otto Warburg, was the first to discover that cancer cells are unable to produce energy through normal cellular respiration due to altered metabolisms, which is why cells obtain their energy through a sugar-dependent process (glycolysis). showed that cancer cells can produce energy through the fermentation of glucose and amino acids.

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How to take coconut oil

The oil contains a wide range of saturated fats that the body can easily metabolize and thus produce energy, the lauric component strengthens the immune system. It is recommended to consume 10 small tablespoons a day, every 3 hours, to have good results. It should be supplemented by drinking 3 liters of natural water or you can add lemon, apple cider vinegar, turmeric or chlorophyll, to cleanse your body.

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