Scientific Studies Say That There Are 4 Things You Must Do To Be Happy

Being happy depends on 4 things at your fingertips

One of the situations that human beings struggle the most throughout their lives is to be happy. Whatever happiness represents for each of us, the point is that after we know what it is that will make us feel fulfilled, we put all our strength and skills to achieve it.

But that path to happiness is not easy at all, that makes many decide to settle for a life that is not the one that makes them feel fulfilled and they die waiting for that long-awaited happiness.

Luckily, some neuroscientists have joined forces to find out what things would help a person to be happy day by day and this is what they found according to the vix page.

1. Name your negative emotions

A study documented on the psychiatryonline page explained that its participants had been asked to explain the type of emotions that arose when exposed to the observation of different images, in this situation, ¬ęthe amygdala was activated according to the emotions that they watched. ‘

Things changed when participants were asked to give a name to those (negative) emotions that arose when viewing those images, what they observed this time was that the activity of the cerebellar amygdala was reduced, with which the negative impact of those emotions was much less.

2. Be grateful

Other research found that being grateful activates the secretion of two hormones: dopamine, known as the hormone of happiness, and serotonin, a hormone that suppresses depression. This makes emotional intelligence greater and likewise interpersonal relationships are pleasant and improve a lot.

3. Be determined

There is nothing that generates more anxiety being indecisive, and leaving everything to chance is a lot of uncertainty.

Being determined fixes your attention on your goals to achieve, fills you with intentions and you establish goals not only in the short but in the medium and long term to achieve your objectives, and who does not feel fulfilled when achieving their dreams?

4. Hug your loved ones

Feeling accepted by a group of people with whom you share certain tastes in common certainly gives people a feeling of fulfillment.

When you get along with the people you love and hug them, your brain releases oxytocin, also called the “love hormone,” thus freeing you from feelings such as sadness or possible depression.

A Harvard study

The BBC portal stated that for a matter of 70 years, scientists from Harvard University carried out a study focused on finding the answer about what makes us happy.

To achieve this, they resorted to monitoring the hundreds of participants who were monitored throughout many stages of their lives; Furthermore, many of the participants gave their approval for them to be scanned and gave their brains to science so that they could be studied in depth, as if that were not enough, their children agreed to be part of the research.

The project director, the psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and Zen teacher, Robert Waldinger, shared the study data and this was what he determined: “the important thing to keep us happy and healthy throughout life, is the quality of our relationships.” .

According to him, the people who were more satisfied in their affective relationships were healthier in all aspects throughout their lives. It is not that money or fame have no relevance to people, it is that those aspects do not mark a variation in the things that make a person happy.

Basically what the study determined is that if you have good interpersonal relationships, then you are a happy person.

It seems that being happy is within everyone’s reach, it is nothing more than trying a little to give and express love to the right people and be willing to enjoy them.

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