Science Discovers That Your Children’s Hands Are The Ones That Absorb More Nicotine, Causing These Serious Diseases

Moms and dads watch out for this ‘little’ detail that can be deadly.

Are you one of the smokers who thinks that the fact that you are not around your children does not affect their health?

Well, if you have this belief, we would tell you to take into account the information that we are about to share with you, since the health of your little ones could be at risk if you are a smoker. Check the data and next time you go to light a cigarette, please think twice!

What does this study say?

According to the study conducted by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and San Diego State University that was published in the “BMJ Journal Tobacco Control” a few weeks ago, it reveals that the hands of children can contain significant amounts of nicotine just by being in contact with those surfaces that were exposed to tobacco smoke, even when no one is an active smoker and is near them.

What the experts say …

Dr. Melinda Mahabee who was one of the people who conducted this study commented that: «Parents think that simply not smoking around them could be the solution but this is totally false, since the only way to For children to stop being exposed to nicotine is for their parents and the people who live with them to stop smoking completely.

And what can happen when they are exposed to cigarette smoke?

Well, practically the same thing that can happen to anyone who smokes, it is proven that the chances of contracting some infections in the respiratory tract or in the ears is much greater when exposed to cigarette smoke. In the case of children, this is a little worse, since it has been shown that many of the children who present with asthma are associated with issues related to exposure to cigarette smoke.

It was surprising when the little ones were examined for this study: some sterilized wipes were passed over their hands to detect what kind of particles were on their palms, later, some saliva samples were also taken to compare them, after After analyzing both samples, they realized that in both, nicotine was present.

Why does this happen?

It is nothing new that children, being children, are constantly exploring the world around them and seeking to develop their senses; touch is one they like to experiment with the most. It is natural that the different surfaces with which the little ones have contact are exposed to different particles such as dust or cigarette smoke, immediately afterwards, children usually put their hands to their mouth (surely you remember the famous «phase oral »that all children experience), hence they have also found traces of nicotine in the saliva of children.

Now, after knowing all this, think twice the next time you decide to light a cigarette, it does not matter that your child is not present, you can also harm him.

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