Science Discovers Surprising Effects When Playing Video Games In Adolescence. Which Are?

If your kids love video games and you feel like they spend a lot of time on the computer playing games, you should read this article today.

In my teenage days, video games were the great novelty. Games like Pac-Man and ping pong, and that first Atari console, were the best. Getting to have one of those games at home was the dream of many, but only a lucky few got to own a game just for themselves, and the rest of us had to settle for sharing one with the brothers or queuing up at the “little machine”. the store »to be able to play for a few minutes.

Today, as a mother and teacher, it never ceases to amaze me the speed with which technology has advanced and how nowadays all teenagers, and even children, have access to all kinds of games online or on their personal electronic devices.

Around the world, it is everyone’s concern, very often, the amount of time that young people spend in front of a monitor – it seems exorbitant to us! -, and we constantly think that these video games, rather than bringing them some benefit, are causing harm to the younger. However, in recent times, researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and the Charité Medical University of Saint Hedwing-Krakenhaus, in Germany, published an interesting study in the journal of Molecular Psychiatry , called “Playing Super Mario induces plasticity of the structure of the brain: gray matter changes as a result of training with the video game.

In this study the researchers found that:

Video games increase brain size in certain areas

Make us smarter

Playing favors spatial navigation, strategic planning and motor performance

Simone Kühn, who led the studies, showed that there is a direct relationship between playing video games and increased brain volume when practiced 30 minutes daily in adults for two months. Incredible true? But there is still more: the most interesting thing about this research are the applications it can have, for example, with people who suffer from post-traumatic stress, schizophrenia and brain degeneration problems.

In conclusion, it is not so bad that your children and yourself play video games. It’s even good for your mind! But do not rush or run wild, so keep the following recommendations in mind:

Say no to games of explicit violence

Playing more than 60 minutes a day can translate into sedentary lifestyle

Combine physical activities

Prefers games of strategy and mental agility

Personally, it relaxes me to play in the afternoon after a long day at work. In fact, the game I prefer was recommended to me by my daughters, and this has been another excuse to do challenges, competitions and have fun together. Playing as a family, in addition to developing this healthy competition and fun, unifies us and makes us take an interest in each other, hold conversations that encourage us to grow and help each other.

So have fun with your children knowing what they play and challenge them, you will see that you will also have fun while strengthening your brain.

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