Say Yes To Marriage

Many say that marriage is not business. Read on and you will find out that turning your back is worse.

The marriage is in danger of extinction. What used to be the dream of every woman, and also of men, today has become a dirty word: saying it is synonymous with bad judgment, being anchored in the past, problems, not having aspirations in life.

Committing, creating a family, taking responsibility for a home as a couple, playing traditional roles, accepting that we were created as a couple and that it is logical and even desirable that we lead our lives, are all ideas that are taken as errors or signs of casualties expectations and little judgment.

Is marriage so bad?

Let me tell you something: Marriage is not just about the long dress, or the cake, the honeymoon and photos for posterity.

Marriage is a contract, a promise of which we record in a civil and / or religious ceremony, where we accept the rights and obligations of living as a couple, and which also in the eyes of the law gives guarantees to two people who love each other. and who want to live together. And not only to them, but also to their offspring.

According to the Civil Code of the Federal District, in Mexico, “The institution of marriage is the union of a man and a woman with the purpose of creating a community of life, with respect for each other, equality and mutual aid.”

To undervalue marriage is to undervalue the institution of the family, the origin and basis of all society. It is belittling the place you occupy in the life of your life partner, and belittling what emerges from this relationship, ranging from such ephemeral things, such as material goods, to other special and wonderful ones such as children.

It’s not about being old-fashioned, it’s about loving ourselves. But not loving each other in the irresponsibility of going to her room and staying there until the infatuation ends, but loving with her head as well as her heart and joining forces as the couple that they are.

If titles do not really matter and it is the same to sign a paper than not to do so, why then do we call ourselves wife or husband to everyone even when we really are not?
Marriage is a company, it is a bet for our life and future. One does not abandon the first difficulty, but invests soul, heart and life so that at the end of it we have some certainty.

We all want and need a sense of belonging, if this were not important, people in the world would not want so much the recognition that they exist in a society, that they have a surname, that they are part of a community even if they are a minority.

A marriage is having the commitment of a partner, who does not shy away from giving proof of being there with us and for us. How to trust someone who instead of thinking of a “we”, only sees the convenience of a “me”?

Getting married is legitimizing our family in the legal certainty that both you and your loved ones will be well protected by laws and society.

And it is that in that sense only a legally instituted marriage can give you:

  1. Social security . This is one of the convenient aspects of being married, for example, the concubinage is only recognized if they have been together for at least two to five years, and this as long as there is no legal wife, and if there are several concubines, none will have rights.

  2. The inheritance. The common-law partner does not guarantee that you have the right to anything, no matter how many years you have been together, unless a will has been made specifying the assignment.

  3. There is no regime that regulates economic aspects, so the safest thing is that at the end of the relationship the goodwill of those involved must be trusted, since only children have rights, if they are registered as such.

  4. Alimony. A woman who has not been married to the father of her children will also not be entitled to alimony in the event of a separation: only the children will have it.

It is not about being interested, but it is fair and necessary that we have enough cold judgment not to allow endorphins to determine the bases of that bet, if what we are betting is our future.

When talking about the advantages of a free union, the first thing that is mentioned is being able to easily disengage when it is terminated, not having legal obligations towards that person. That is just the reflection that moral obligations are not given importance, because someone committed would not want to get rid of you easily.

If they love each other and are destined to spend the rest of their lives together, they will do so with or without paper in between, but if you can acquire elements that strengthen your certainty regarding that relationship, that benefit the quality of your life and that of your offspring, why not look for them?

Thinking about it, I recommend you, say: “Yes, I accept, but as a legitimate husband.”

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