Say Yes To Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are back! Know its benefits and dare to try them on your baby.

Do you remember our grannies and moms talking about cloth diapers? Well, a few years ago, this was the only option for the hygiene of babies. However, with the passage of time disposable models appeared, leaving reusable diapers practically in oblivion.

Fortunately, the fabric versions are living their second wind and more and more moms are daring to give them a try. Here are some reasons why you should try them on your baby:

1. Friendly with the environment

Did you know that a newborn uses between six and ten diapers a day? Multiply that amount by a week, by a month, by six months and imagine how all those diapers will end up in the trash. The use of disposable diapers increases contamination levels because some are made of materials that do not degrade.

Although using cloth diapers also consumes resources such as water and electricity to wash them, the environmental damage is relatively minor, so for the good of the planet and the future of your child, you could try right?

2. Savings

Using disposable diapers not only damages the environment but also your wallet. At first glance, the initial cost of cloth diapers is higher, but in the long term they represent significant savings because with a few pieces you can supply yourself every day, it all depends on how you manage them.

3. You take care of your baby’s skin

Think of that sensation that clothing labels give us that with certain movements sting and annoy us. Now imagine having it all day, every day, for several months.

Synthetic products used to make disposable diapers can cause irritation and chafing on your baby’s skin, while organic or natural materials, such as cotton, are less aggressive for your baby and provide more comfort.

4. Variety of styles

Although diaper brands offer various designs with fashionable characters, nothing compares with the wide variety of fabrics that exist and with which you can create more colorful, fun designs or whatever you prefer.

5. HTM or, what is the same: Make them yourself!

On the Internet there are many tutorials on how to make cloth diapers, but if you don’t have time or cutting and tailoring are not your thing, there are virtual stores. These cloth diaper boutiques have very attractive and modern designs, offer a practical and safe way to shop without leaving home and at the same time, you will be supporting micro-businesses in the local economy.

6. They learn to go to the bathroom faster

Although cloth diapers usually have a waterproof coating, it is not as resistant as the plastics in disposable models, so your baby will notice faster if it is wet. This will make you feel uncomfortable, which can speed up the toilet training process somewhat.

So it’s time to give cloth diapers a try; surely your baby will appreciate it.

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