Running Has More Benefits Than You Can Imagine, Get To Know Them!

Learn about the health benefits of running as a way of exercising. The fourth point, surely you do not expect it.

Exercise should be a daily and fundamental practice in the lives of all people. It is not enough to eat a good diet to be healthy, it must be combined with the exercise of the body to have better results.

«I don’t have money to go to a gym», «with so many things I have to do in the day, I don’t have enough time to exercise», «it is very boring», «I am lazy», «I don’t have any equipment to exercise »,« I would have to go on a diet and I can’t ». These are the most common phrases people say when asked why they don’t exercise.

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Therefore, I want to share one of my favorite sports, which you can do the day, the time, the time you want, alone or with someone, listening to music, it does not require a specific wardrobe, only comfortable shoes and as if this were not enough. , running or jogging has these benefits:

1. Improves circulation

The blood is in charge of distributing nutrients throughout our body so its circulation must be free, without obstacles and a large part of whether this happens successfully depends on your diet but also on your physical activity and this helps a lot to improve circulation blood.

2. Increases cartilage production

According to a study carried out by Monash University in Australia, people who performed physical activity running regularly had better cartilage, a fundamental element in the knees, compared to those who did not perform any exercise, something that for years has been handled the other way around .

3. Build muscle

“The muscle thins when jogging” is another idea that is had about this exercise, which was refuted by the University of Illionois which ensures that the opposite happens, since running accelerates the process in the cells of the body to generate new muscle.

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4. Exercise the brain

After several studies carried out by the University of Illinois, it was concluded that this form of exercising the body was the most effective in increasing cognitive functions: orientation, memory, praxis, visuospatial skills, language, gnosis and executive functions.

5. Relaxes and makes you more tolerant of stress

While all exercises and sports help you relax your body, not all do the same to counteract stress. The University of South Dallas ensures that running helps you better cope with stressful states that you may have.

Running or jogging is one of the easiest exercises to practice and provides more benefits than others. All you need is to have all attitude and comfortable shoes. Don’t forget to do a proper warm-up with your legs, feet, and muscles at the beginning and end. Aim to walk for 10 to 20 minutes before starting your routine. I do not advise you to run a lot the first day because you can injure yourself, start small and depending on the frequency you increase the time.

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