Restless Feet. 6 Tips To Keep Track Of Your Children

Take these recommendations into account so you don’t lose sight of your children when you go out to a crowded place.

Most young children love discovering new things and places. It is part of that stage of development: they are not aware of the risks and dangers they may face. Therefore, parents must always be alert to what our children do.

Many are the stories that are told where once a parent has lost sight of their child for less than five minutes of carelessness. This happens more frequently when we are in a crowded place, such as the supermarket, a department store, the fair, the cinema, a museum, among others. The fright that parents experience for those minutes of carelessness can generate great anguish, despair and suffering. Then, we find our little ones very funny playing a few steps from us. What a relief!

This situation is very easy to control, knowing some recommendations that I give you below.

1. Teach your child the important facts

If your children are very young, it is advisable to place a bracelet or a chain around their neck, with important information such as their name, address and telephone number. But when your children are two years old or older, they are already able to say their name, so it is important that you teach them to say their full name and pronounce it clearly, out loud.

You should also show them their phone number, address, and their parents’ names. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your children will know how to identify themselves at any time and can be an excellent tool to find them quickly.

2. Walk beside him

On many occasions, it is impossible to control the little ones and they will not want to go hand in hand with you. Therefore, it is important that you let them walk freely, so that they develop their confidence and security, but do not lose sight of them. Teach them that going hand in hand in a crowded place is best for them. You can also opt for the seat belts that are sold in supermarkets and that are very attractive to children; It is a way to control your steps, for some moment of distraction.

3. Show him the role of the police

You must teach your children to trust the police and security guards. Tell your children that in case they get lost, go to one of them and ask for help. I recommend you to be clear on this point, because it is not about trusting all people and going with strangers.

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4. Dress your children conspicuously

When they are very young, it is advisable to dress them in bright colors, such as red, yellow, blue or green, preferably phosphorescent. This will make it easier for you to locate it, even in a crowd.

5. Choose a meeting point

Whenever you go out with your children, young or old, they should set a meeting point that everyone is clear about, in case the situation leads them to separate. This will prevent you from running off in all directions. An example can be the parking lot, or the entrance or exit of any establishment where they are. It will help you to have confidence and peace of mind that your children will know how to get to the meeting point, in case they get lost.

6. Try to go out with nutritious treats

This is a very easy way to distract your mind and prevent your kids from running all over the mall. It is a way to control them and to spend as much time as possible by your side, so you will not lose sight of them.

If you are ever faced with this situation, it is important to control your nerves and not fall into total despair. Act using reason and logic. Look for your child in the places where you think they may be, go immediately to the people in charge of surveillance and start spreading the message that your children have been lost, so that their location is easier. Use these basic safety tips. Success and enjoy every ride with your children.

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