Redeem Easter For A Holy Life

Are you one of those who, when Easter comes around, become super religious and spiritual? What do you think will please God more, having a fervent Easter or a holy life? Redeem Easter for a

Holy Week is the most indicated to meet God, to turn your face to him, put yourself at peace with the world and repent of everything you have done wrong, or of what you have even stopped doing for the benefit of yours and of others in general. In this particular week, we remember and celebrate the sacrifice on the cross of the Son of God, our beloved Jesus, who died for us and rose again to give us, in turn, the resurrection and with it an abundant life.

All that is good, because we must not forget that wonderful act of love that the Lord did for you, for us. But I’m sure God would be more pleased if you had a holy life instead of just one holy week. That is, do not neglect the pesos to take care of the pennies, that you go for the small when you can aspire to the big.

And you will probably wonder, how do I have a holy life, can I be a saint in the middle of this world or is it that I will have to go to a convent for life or enter a seminary?

Before proceeding further I will clarify what it means to be holy, so that you can understand and realize that neither of these two things mentioned above are necessary, or not precisely. Being holy does not mean that you are perfect and that you are never wrong. Rather, being holy is living a life apart from things that God hates, that is, from evil.

And the best way to achieve that life that pleases him is by relating intimately with him, knowing his word and obeying it. Now, what if not only in these times do you start by putting God’s principles into practice? And perhaps you can ask: What principles? You will know them as you know his word, but I mention some with which you can start and see that it is not so difficult to lead a holy life, in a day to day that pleases God.

1. Love your neighbor as yourself

(Matthew 22:39)

Loving is a command from God. God’s word also says to treat others as you would like to be treated (Matthew 7:12). Practice loving, give love.

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2. He who gives to the poor is making a loan to God

(Proverbs 19:17)

Stop and meditate on that: when you give to the needy, when you help them in their dire need, it is as if you are helping God himself. Can you imagine how God pays? Help while you can, be generous.

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3. Honor your parents

(Exodus 20: 2)

Honoring your parents is a command with promise, because the Lord assures that your days on earth will be lengthened. Always remember this pair that brought you into the world. Honor them. And love them.

And you, do you honor your parents?

Once you make the word of God part of you, you will make a big difference in your daily life and in the lives of others. Please God with your life, do not stay in a single week.

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