Reasons Why Your Child Has Started To Reject You, But Still Loves You

Preschool-age children experience a strong personality change, here we explain the reasons.

When children reach preschool they usually have some changes in their behavior. This is explained by the process of transition from baby to child, which can be as complex as that of adolescence itself. For this reason it is normal that you begin to suffer from the rejection of your child with one of her parents, but do not worry deep down she loves you and it is a stage that lasts very little.

Here we tell you some of the reasons that can lead you to live that mini adolescence with your baby:

You corrected him

Some children find it particularly difficult to understand your reasons for disciplining him. But it is important that you explain that even though he may have made a mistake, you still love him and you will always be willing to listen to him.

Always respect their space, listen and take the necessary importance to their emotions.

Can’t explain their emotions / feelings

Children do not know what is happening to them until an adult arrives and explains in a good way what is happening with him. Therefore, you should not be surprised if your child suddenly reacts with a tantrum (tantrum), but rather, you should try to help him decipher what it is that bothered him or did not understand about his day. This is the way to help you know when you feel angry, sad, happy, or frustrated.

He feels sick

If your little one’s vocabulary still can’t be completed to let you know he’s sick, he may begin to express it with non-verbal language, rejecting kisses, hugs, or even gentle touches.

If you see that nothing else can explain his change in attitude, it is best to visit a pediatrician so that he can assess his health.

The age of favoritism

Yes, I regret to inform you that the little one who walks through your house today, at some point will manifest having a favorite father. But this may be due to the attitude they take when they are in pairs or because of affinity.

There is nothing wrong, the important thing is that the adult who is being taken less into account can seek strategies to gain love and trust with the child.

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Need space

As the years go by, children begin to be more independent and therefore need more space to be comfortable in their own world.

What you can do when you feel like your child is rejecting you is the following:

Create panoramas together

You can look for an activity that he likes and develop it together, in this way he will know that you are interested in what happens with him, they will share pleasant moments and generate a space of complicity.

Don’t take it personally

They are stages, everything will pass faster than you think. It is not an attack on you, it is just a transition that is difficult for him to explain and can manifest as a rejection of the authority you represent.

Stay present

No matter how many times you are rejected, the important thing is that he knows that you are always up for him.

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