Reasons We Should All Have A Pet

I know that you are very busy doing many very good things for you, your family and those around you, that you have many activities and the last thing you want is to get to clean the “graces” of a pet, can you give me a chance to convince you ?

A few weeks ago I participated in a nice meeting for parents of teenagers. In this meeting, we had the opportunity to talk about the problems of young people and at a certain point, seeking to talk about responsibility, we touched on the topic of pets. I asked families that had a pet to raise their hands and of a group of more than forty people, only six had one. Mothers are the main promoters of “we don’t want pets” and all the reasons they gave are totally valid. So now, as a last try (for today) if this is your case, let me give you some reasons to reconsider having a pet at home.

1. Pets give us the opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility in our children

You don’t have to be the only one cleaning and caring for the little animal, and that’s the idea. Design a role for their care, feeding and walks. Find a pet that is the right one for your family there are more than cats and dogs, in addition these come in many sizes, shapes and colors.

2. A pet allows us to learn and teach about the cycle of life

There are parents who do not know how to deal with the great issues of life such as death, conception and birth, disease and degeneration of the body. A pet gives us all those opportunities to speak truthfully, clearly and to establish candid and casual dialogues with our little ones.

3. Having a pet at home gives us security and confidence

Lovers of others avoid places where there are dogs; and tremors and other risky situations can be announced by cats and birds (or so they say).

4. Pets give us a reason to exercise and meet new friends.

Taking the dog for a walk is always a good excuse to put on your tennis shoes, go for a walk and talk to someone in a park.

5. A pet reduces stress levels, lowers pressure just by petting it and reduces anxiety

If you arrive exhausted, overwhelmed or with too many loads, your pet will always make you forget them for a moment, playing with her or allowing her to pamper you will make you feel much better.

6. The company of a pet reduces the feeling of loneliness and you will always have a reason to return home

Not only children are benefited, also the elderly and those who live alone can find reasons to continue fighting in a small animal.

7. By adopting a pet you will help make this world better

You will prevent them from multiplying indiscriminately, being abused and spreading diseases.

8. Your family life will always be enjoyable and full of adventures

The memories and experiences that we live with our pets are innumerable. They always come up with something new and give us their unconditional love.

And lastly, having a pet will make you less selfish, proud, and a better human being. Many sociopaths started out hurting animals and those who have done something good in this world have always shown care for nature and love for animals.


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