Raising Daughters Who Are Wonderful Mothers

Have you ever wondered how to make your daughters good mothers? A good trick is to start by setting a good example.

Being a mother is undeniably wonderful. It is not by chance that it is said that when a child is born a mother is born. However, there are women who give birth to healthy and beautiful babies and, despite this, they do not have in them the typical feelings that a mother has, which are to love, protect, love, care and even give her life for her children . This uniqueness is due to different causes, both biological, psychological and even cultural, and it would be well worth writing an article about this “lack of maternal instinct.” The important thing to note is that not all women have this desire to be mothers, since it is not necessarily inherent in women.

Maternity Concept

It is then worth asking what it is to be a mother. A dictionary definition indicates that motherhood is a series of events linked together; It begins with conception, then there is intrauterine gestation, then comes the birth of the baby and of course the extrauterine gestation, which encompasses the first trimester of the child’s life, its absolute contact with the external environment and all the stimuli that come from her new world and last but not least parenting.

As you can see, motherhood is not only about giving birth to a child. It is a compendium of facts that in the long run make you a mother. If, at any given moment, someone comes up to you and asks: “What do you love about your mother?” What would you answer? Certainly some of your answers will be: “That she cared about me, to the extent that she left her job or studies to spend more time with me and my siblings”, or you will say: “The way she taught me certain things that Or also: «He worked and was aware that we did our homework, we ate … we never needed anything». Moreover, I think that if your mother could read how grateful you are, how much you love her and that you are aware of her sacrifice, she will feel that her work as a mother has been successful.

How to raise daughters who are wonderful mothers

If that is your wish, we can start from the fact that the model they have of a “perfect” mother is always under their same roof. I mean, it will always be you. That’s right, from you she will trace the way you covered her when she went to sleep, or the way you helped her do the homework and even the particular way you corrected or punished her when she makes a mistake or does a mischief. So she’s going to imitate you, a little or a lot depends on other factors but that’s the way it is: when she becomes a mother, she will be like you. For this reason, I share six concepts that you should take care of when raising your daughters:

1. Ability to teach

While not all people have the gift of patience, you know better than anyone that raising children takes a lot to stay calm in times of difficulty.

2. Courage

And in large quantities! From your children you will have to hide your fear of bugs so that they are not afraid of them, also add clean their wounds or put your face to face their opponents and even overcome a bad medical moment.

3. Knowledge

There is no mother who does not know things about mathematics, history or language. And what she doesn’t know, she finds out: the children of great mothers never go to class with half assignments.

4. Good manners

Teaching your daughter to ask please, respond appropriately when you or her father call her, give a seat in public transport to an elderly person, a pregnant woman, or someone who is ill, these are simple acts of love for others. worthy of teaching for the good of others and himself or herself.

If you love your children, you need to give them this tool

5. Honesty

A human being needs to be honest to reach the fullness of his being in a dignified way and thus never be ashamed of who he is.

6. Respect

This last point is vital, since it is perhaps one of the values ​​that human beings lack most today. The inability of some people to accept others as they are, without judging them, leads them to intolerance and even violence. That is why it is important to educate children so that they learn to distinguish between their rights and those of others.

Educate with respect, trust and presence

As you can see, there are only 6 basic parameters that every mother should teach her children. Of course, you have in your hands the power to teach them many more, but never forget that being a mother and feeling like one is one of the greatest gifts that nature gave you.

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