Quinoa: An Ally Of Latin American Women

If you are a woman with limited time, quinoa or quinoa can help you nurture your family. Its use is simple and its nutritional properties are magnificent. Learn more about this wonderful grain and the benefits it brings to your family.

If you are originally from beautiful places like Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador or Colombia, surely you grew up eating the delicious quinoa! This plant is a very close relative of the Mexican amaranth, both have been consumed since pre-Hispanic times and together with corn are considered ancestral grains that are highly recognized for their many contributions to Latin American nutrition and gastronomy.

But lately quinoa or quinoa has crossed those borders and has been becoming very popular in the American market. The great international chefs are making it known around the world with new recipes and presentations of fabulous dishes without ever losing its Peruvian origin.

Whether you live in the north or south of the continent, quinoa can do wonders for you and your family. Here are some ideas and recommendations that you could consider and, in your next market outing, buy this cereal to bring its benefits to yours.

Basic preparation mode

Perhaps quinoa has caught your attention and you want to start consuming it but you don’t know how; well, here I explain it to you, its preparation is extremely easy:

A handful of quinoa is enough as a measure per adult person because, when cooked, it is easily hydrated and doubles in size. With two fists of the cereal you can easily feed a family of two adults and two small children.

You are going to put the quinoa in fresh water for about 4 hours (you can put it very early in the morning), then you rinse it, removing any shells that it may have; once clean, you cook it in water for about 15 or 20 minutes as you would with rice and then it will be ready to cook. I hydrate and cook it once a week, refrigerate it and only drink what I need throughout the week. Quinoa by itself doesn’t have much flavor, which is why it is so versatile.

As a good Latin American woman, you will see that you can include it in many dishes in your region and with it substitute meats of all kinds. Use it in smoothies with some fruit so that the children go well fed to school.

Has a large amount of dietary fiber

Quinoa is high in insoluble dietary fiber, which means that it will help your intestine move and process food in a better way. People with constipation find this cereal a great ally. Blend the quinoa with nuts and a little honey to have a great meal and start the day right. Prepare it like the traditional Mexican rice pudding or the various types of ceviche found in our continent.

Use it in dishes as the main protein

If you are just getting to know this wonderful cereal you can start by substituting some meats such as chicken, fish and even beef. Do not think that there will be a lack of protein, do not worry, 100 grams of cooked quinoa provides the necessary proteins and amino acids for an athlete, so for a growing child or an adult with regular activity it is enough. Add the varied vegetables that you are used to in your dishes and you will see that in a simple way you will have a complete dish.

My daughters in particular like to change canned tuna for cooked quinoa, they add coriander, onion, tomato, salt and lots of lemon. If you like them, use dressings and you will have an excellent snack or dish to share with toast and crackers.

If you have athletes at home or older adults

Cooked quinoa has a delicious taste if you add honey, fruit or lemon and chili. Make it for home athletes as a sweet or spicy dessert, serve it fresh and it will fill them with energy. If it is an older adult, prepare it as a thick and warm atole that, together with some cookies, will be very restorative and easy to digest.

For those who want to lose weight

As women, incorporating quinoa into our diet can bring many benefits, such as stopping leg cramps, feeling a little more relaxed, sleeping better and strengthening our immune system; all this because quinoa contains magnesium. By consuming it you can also start to lose a little weight because it helps you with digestion and the movement of the intestine will make it empty more often; In addition, the belly is deflated and protein builds muscle. If you add exercise you will see that in a few weeks your pants will look much better.

Do you have a recipe with quinoa? How is it consumed in your country? Could you share it with us?

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