Preschoolers And Screens: Something That Translates Into Behavior Problems

Are you being aware of the time your children spend in front of the screen? You still have time for addiction to develop. Or not?

Josué is a 5 year old boy. Like many, an only child whose parents work long hours a day, the child is in charge of the grandmother twice a week, and the rest by the lady who does the cleaning. He often sleeps late, waiting for his parents to take him to sleep, but they regularly arrive very late.

The little one entered school since he was 40 days old, but for a few months the child’s teachers have been sending reports of misconduct in the classroom, and a few days ago, he was removed from class because he hit a classmate minor during recess.

Parents were summoned to speak with the Principal.

What could be happening?

In talking with the Director and the psychologist, the parents discovered that Josué was spending a lot of time with the tablet, more than two hours each day, sometimes up to four. Neither her grandmother, much less the cleaning lady, had noticed that the child preferred to spend time in front of the screen than doing homework, playing or even resting.

And this is a serious problem

Children under the age of 5 who spend more than two hours playing with electronic devices are five times more likely to develop behavioral problems such as inattention, including being diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) according to a study by the Child Cohort Study in Canada.

It is not about what the child watches or plays with the tablet, we are simply talking about the time the child spends in front of the screen.

Whether you go out to a restaurant, on the bus, in the park, or even in church, you will be able to see the same scene over and over again anywhere: young children playing or being distracted by a tablet or cell phone Have you noticed? ? Do you do it too?

The modern pacifier

It is for this reason that tablets are also known as “the modern pacifier”, since it is given to the child to stop crying or bothering but it does not help at all.

The negative effects of excessive use of these devices can also trigger aggressiveness, sleep disorders and depression. Terrible right?

Avoid these serious problems in your children by following these simple recommendations.

First, the most important of all:

Avoid at all costs giving the cell phone to your little one, and much less to your baby, your cell phone or a tablet so that it is distracted and stops crying or bothering. You have to attend to the needs of the child, whatever they may be and a tablet will never be the best option.

And by the way, the cell phone of an adult has a large amount of germs and bacteria, even if you clean it, it is better not to give them to your little one.

Second: rigorously monitor the content and exposure time

Don’t tell me that it is impossible for children to use electronic devices because such a thing is not true.

If you think about it a bit, no child can have that power over their parents, parents are the ones who rule, not the other way around, and if it is happening there is a problem that must be attended to before it becomes a tragedy.

So, speaking of that power you have, consider delaying the child’s interaction with technology before the age of 3, because that time should be dedicated to the development of physical, locomotor coordination, affective and cognitive skills, and spending a lot of time in front of a screen can interrupt and even affect them.

If I told you that your child has a unique learning period in his life that will never happen again, what would you teach him? What would you like me to learn?

Well, that unique and unrepeatable age due to its learning capacity is from 2 to 5 years old, so if you decide that your child uses digital technology, carefully observe the content that he will be observing and assimilating, since the you will incorporate into your mind like few things in life.

Don’t waste that great opportunity by filling it with garbage.

Physical activities and sports

For both children and adolescents and indeed, for all ages, physical activity is vital, and electronic devices are making us sedentary from a very young age.

Invite and encourage outdoor games with your children, a sport and regular practice of it. If you achieve this habit in childhood, your children will be away from drugs, diseases, and will not develop addiction for technology, as they will have other healthier interests.

Everything has its time and age, technology too

When we reflect on it a bit, we can realize that a 10 or 12-year-old child does not need a cell phone, they are not old enough to have an account on social networks or to live the day connected to a chat.

Children and young people can begin handle computersor tablets from the hand of their teachers, since it is undeniable that they will need to learn their use for academic reasons, but their parents should always be attentive to the exposure time before the screens and the content they handle. Do not forget.

A few years ago, when the use of microwave ovens began to become popular with moms, a friend of mine said that cooking with the microwave left her “a lot of free time” and that now she could dedicate it to more important things.

I think that this should happen to us now precisely with technology, we must use it for our benefit and not it control us.

I sincerely hope that you can provide your children with a childhood full of experiences and adventures that they can remember with joy, free of any type of addiction, however attractive it may seem.

You are a wise woman and you will know how to make the best decisions for your family.

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