Pregnant Woman, Sick And After Weeks In A Coma, Wakes Up With Her Baby

An illness that can end in loss.

One of the saddest stories that only a strong woman has everything she needs to share it and to help other pregnant women who may go through such situations.

After years of trying to become parents, Kerry Tellwright and her husband Craig Hill finally received the best news of their lives: they would be parents. The journey took several years of treatments and two rounds of IVF.

After so much trying and waiting, the miracle of life had finally come to them

However, as reported by Up Social, Kerry developed a condition that caused her liver to bleed.

She had no idea what was happening to her until a pain in her neck that lasted for days made her decide to go to the doctor. Her husband was taking her in the car …

That’s the last thing she remembers

While Kerry was in the car with her husband, she began to have seizures, prompting her husband to call 911 for a pickup, according to the Daily Mail.

An induced coma was the only solution

The seriousness of his situation caused the doctors to induce a coma and he remained so for two weeks.

As she relates: “When I got to the hospital my blood pressure was through the roof. They gave me something to lower it and took me to the emergency room for a cesarean section ».

She gave birth to her long-awaited baby boy who they would call Archie, but he was born lifeless

At this time, she did not know anything about what had happened because she was in a coma. Meanwhile the doctors made a decision to help with the terrible misfortune and decided to freeze Archie so that she would meet him when he woke up.

They did surgery to help save her after the cesarean section, but she still did not know that her baby was born lifeless

The glass was removed, and she was in a coma for three more weeks, until she finally woke up to the side of a perfect baby whom the doctors preserved so that she would have a chance to meet him.

A series of photos were taken and a ring in which she carries her baby’s ashes is all she has left. She is relieved to be able to carry her baby in her crotch everywhere and to warn other women about the illness that took her son’s life.

HELLP Syndrome

According to the Organization on Pregnancy in America, HELLP Syndrome affects pregnant women and is known as a variant of pre-eclampsia, but it is suspected that it may be a separate syndrome.

The biggest problem with HELLP Syndrome is that in most cases it is not diagnosed correctly. And although it affects only 0.2 and 0.6 percent of pregnancies, it is extremely dangerous.

Its name comes from

H – hemolysis

(the breakdown of red cells)

EL – Elevated liver enzymes

LP – Decreased platelets


In the face of any change, no matter how much pain it seems that it is going to pass, it is always good to call the doctor and consult him. Let’s take the necessary precautions in honor of this brave woman who, after so much pain, only wishes that other women would not go through the same thing.

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