Practical Guide To Avoid Falling Into The Clutches Of A Married Man

If you are a young girl looking for interesting friends, better read this article before venturing to meet someone who may cheat on you.

Many young women are cheated on by unscrupulous married men on a daily basis. Not all men are the same, but some, with the desire to woo some misplaced girl with little experience in love, are capable of saying or doing the most unlikely things in order to “win over” whoever they are willing to love. listen.

Although little is said about this topic, this situation happens very often. If you are young and inexperienced, you are entering the youth stage and starting to date boys or -possibly- men older than you, it is better to be aware of the following signs so that you do not make one of the worst mistakes of your life.

Let’s start from the point that you are just a friend, but you know that you are attractive to him because he has told you; Furthermore, you are aware that he is in a relationship with someone or is married.

Before going into the matter I want to warn you: the following five signs may seem cruel, but for that reason they manage to awaken in you feelings of regret and protection towards your “suitor”, which he will use to achieve his goal: to fall in love with you.

1. Let him tell you that his marriage is in trouble

All marriages, no matter how harmonious, have problems. That a couple has disagreements does not mean that the husband (the same one who is looking to fall in love) does not love her wife, and vice versa.

Despite this, he is looking for an escape from the monotony, something that makes him feel capable of falling in love with a girl, and if he is a guy with few scruples, he will not mind saying that his wife is dying in order to convince you and do empathic feelings arise in you towards his “poor and suffering humanity.” Open your eyes wide, because that may be the beginning of the fall.

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2. Say you are in the process of divorce

I said it in the first point, now I repeat it: if he wants to conquer you and you have become his girl on duty, he will invent whatever it takes to achieve it. Over time you will wonder when the divorce and there will be no answer. So it is better that you keep putting distance between because that lie cannot be maintained for long, and it will continue to lie to you.

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3. If he says that he is only with his wife for his children, it is false

As terrible as it may seem, many men, the last thing they think of when they are interested in getting an affair is the welfare of their children. If they really were important, they wouldn’t be looking for momentary affairs or relationships.

4. Brag about your financial situation

It will measure your taste for material things, and it will go directly to what it has perhaps served with other girls: showing off what it supposedly has. Your attitude, before this, has to be distrust, because a man who has good intentions and money will never use that letter to get your attention, because he trusts in himself and in what he has as a person to fall in love and not in what is allegedly there in your bank account.

5. Do not accept gifts or agree to see you with him

You may see it as a harmless action for you to accept a simple invitation to eat from him, but it would be if his intentions were not other than trying to convince you to go out with him or accept the start of a relationship.

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If you do not stay only in invitations of this type and the gifts begin to arrive -from simple to expensive-, it is time to put yourself in ALERT mode, since it is looking for you to feel committed and that you agree to your wishes, that for sure they are not noble at all. Anyway, YOU CAN ALWAYS SAY NO, it is your choice and it will always be in your hands to put a stop to everything.

It is in your hands not to suffer the havoc and suffering that infidelity causes in a family, yours and someone else’s. Reflect on the people with whom you relate and make sure that no one deceives you or plays with you.

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