Police Warns About A New Type Of Fraud In Which They Call You By Phone Say These 3 Words And The Scam Begins

A new form of scam becomes very popular just by answering “YES”. Pay attention to what the Police are warning about.

Just by saying “YES”

Many people have already reported receiving a phone call, it is a recording, where the person asks “Can you hear me?”, Motivating the fraud victim to answer “Yes.”

Fraud consists of recording the response, with the voice of the consumer, and using it as verbal consent or signature of the person, obviously without the real consent of the person.

The note published by the Newsner portal not only warns of the situation but also recommends that if you receive a call of this type, HANG UP immediately; second, it blocks the person and third, it calls the Federal Trade Commission for Consumer Protection, and denounces the call.

Other forms of consumer fraud

  • Credit cards:

Considered one of the “classics” in consumer fraud, only that currently the method is more sophisticated, faster and easier thanks to technology.

The most common ways is through the theft of a credit card number, a number that they immediately sell to other scammers. Another way is aimed at people who have large debts with the cards, so they offer you accessible forms and payment plans, keeping them with the payments.

  • To consumers who have financial problems:

It is through loan scams, they request a high installment in advance and then do not make the loan, or through debt consolidation they gather all the accounts into one, offering a single payment that seems comfortable, but you do not look at the interest , so you end up paying triple the original debt.

  • Job offers from home:

They disguise themselves as business opportunities, such as the company «Piramidal» where it will supposedly offer a product that is expensive and comes in a complete set, but in truth you must bring more people to buy the set, the product being the person and never the consumer, and only those at the top benefit. Others are easier to detect since they offer you to win large sums of money without having to do much.

  • The classics:

Those frauds that are carried out through television where they offer you wonderful products, to slim or improve the complexion, without any real benefit. Also when you participate in a contest and you are the winner, and when you claim the prize, you must pay an advance price , because they are really selling you a product or service. And the famous frauds by email, where you receive millionaire inheritances, or they ask you to deposit a certain amount of money in your bank account, this is the classic form of «money laundering», whenever you receive an email of this nature, delete it or report it to the Federal consumer agency.

Federal Consumer Agency

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is responsible for preventing all illegal or fraudulent practices that exist in the market. On its official page, you can report complaints, or frauds, in a very simple way, choose the category of fraud, then answer some questions and send it, the page is in Spanish too.

Identity theft, a serious problem

This occurs when someone else uses your personal information to open another account, make fraudulent purchases or transactions. In recent years, although more can be prevented, thanks to the warnings from the Federal Consumer Agency, the danger still exists due to easy access to social networks.

First warning signs of identity theft:

When you receive calls from debt collectors, accounts in your name but that you never made, or find movements in your bank account that are not yours.

What to do?

Call the company where the fraud was committed, report the identity theft immediately to your Consumer Protection Agency, call your bank and report and file a complaint with the local Police.

After performing these steps, try to be calm and begin to solve the damages caused, calling the places where the fraudulent purchases were made, or other accounts were created, remember that everything is in your name, acting quickly and accurately can prevent more debts. And remember to always report this page Identity Theft.gov

Nobody wants to go through an experience like this, but unfortunately these people are always looking for new ways to carry out fraud, so you should always be attentive to the innovations of these people, informing you through the official page of your country of the Agency of Consumer protection.

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