Police Present The Fiercest And Largest Dog They Have Ever Had And Has The Whole Internet In An Uproar

“Don’t be fooled by his snub nose” … Hercules will surprise you

There are times when a good laugh filled with a little tenderness is worth more than the best medicine in the world. When I came across this news, I also fell in love. Hercules breaks with all the prototypes, but managed to be in the police force.

Beyond how adorable this may be (or ‘silly’) to some, we don’t all see things the same way. The interesting thing is to see that when the prototypes break, our mind becomes something broader and this helps us not to prejudge.

Besides, Hercules, is an example that no matter how short (short, short) you are (and ugly?), In life everything can be achieved.

The true story of Hercules is that his owner had to take him to work for a day and the little one won everyone’s hearts. Now it has a notorious internet fame because the companions of its owner, Jason Thomas, fell so much in love with the little boy that they decided “to assign him to the forces that fight against evil.

The characteristics that make Hercules invincible according to the Rochester Police Department are:

Introducing the Rochester Police Department’s new K-9: Hercules.

Hercules has been trained on how to aggressively hunt…

Posted by Rochester NH Police Department on  Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hercules has been trained to aggressively hunt all food in his vicinity. Don’t let your flat nose confuse you.

“He also knows how to sleep all day no matter what the weather is like outside. He loves to have his belly scratched and he hates running.

Welcome hercules

Before continuing I have to confess that my daughters and I have our own Hercules. And the truth is that they are the cutest thing in something ugly that I have seen in my life.

This tender photo helps us to think about all the Hercules that we meet in our life and that we decide to ignore or exclude because we have not given them the opportunity to know his heart.

My Hercules is the best in the world and there are several Hercules in my life (who don’t walk on all fours) whom I am going to give the opportunity to meet without judging by appearances.

This is our Hercules, but it’s called Sneeze

She has been sick for a few days (we all have), but now she is feeling better and her brother can’t help it, he is the happiest pug on earth. Fio feels better and he gets to kiss her. I love my family!

Posted by Mariel Reimann on  Monday, December 12, 2016

I can’t stop loving her look!

Posted by Mariel Reimann on  Sunday, June 1, 2014

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