Play Together To Stay Together: Ideas For Fun As A Couple

Have you fallen into a boring routine as a couple? Here are some ideas on how to revive the flame of love through recreation.

Happiness is being married to your best friend. But maybe lately your husband is sitting in front of the TV watching a game while you are sitting on the couch knitting, and you feel that the relationship is more like that of a couple of acquaintances or students who share the apartment by accident than that of better ones. friends.

It does not have to be this way. You can easily revive the flame of love that existed on your dating days if you find activities that you and your partner can enjoy together.

Take an interest in the activities your partner likes

Ladies, don’t think you’re a widow every time there’s a soccer tournament. When the season comes around, learn the rules of the game and memorize some names of the players on your team. You may even come to enjoy supporting your husband’s opposing team.

Men, you like to eat, right? Offer to plan a special dinner and cook together. You can choose your favorite food, or maybe you want to try something different or out of the ordinary.

My husband likes to watch boxing and martial arts. I started looking at him with him. I learned the stories of some athletes, and that made them more interesting for me. I discovered that this sport is not as brutal as it seems at first glance, and that there is a lot of strategy in every fight. Now I really enjoy when we go out to eat something and watch the fight on the spot. It has become a fun way to spend time together.

Invite your partner to try something you like to do

Women: Your husband probably wouldn’t like to sit quietly next to you and knit, but I’m sure there are many other things you do that would entertain him. Share your interests in literature, music and movies with her.

I love books. My husband reads many of the books that I recommend, and after he finishes reading a book we discuss it. It is similar to having our own book club. He, on the other hand, likes to discover new music bands. He shared his new CDs with me and we watched music videos together. We also like to go to concerts.

Men: Do you like to play video games? Invite your wife to play with you. Many video games are multiplayer and easy to learn to play. Some games are more appropriate for your wife than others. You can choose one that includes strategy and planning, and encourage her to create a sexy character and flirt while playing together.

Learn something new together

It’s time to get out of the rut and try something new. Learning something new can boost your self-esteem and give you a feeling of self-fulfillment and pride. Most importantly, there are reports that experimenting with new and interesting activities with your spouse develops a brain chemical that helps increase sexual desire to reignite that flame in your partner.

Here are some hobby ideas that you can do together as a couple.

Arts and crafts

Together, take an art class. Learn pottery, photography, or woodworking.


They can camp and walk in nature. Try exploring caves, or learning to canoe. If you live close to the beach, try surfing or diving, or just walking around and looking for sea shells can be fun.

Sports and fun

Join a bowling league or ride a bike together. Take a tango class or go dancing. Learn to ride a horse. Try racquet sports like tennis or ping-pong. Play other sports together like basketball or soccer.


Visit art galleries or museums. Visit a comedy club. Watch a play or ballet. Go to a concert by a group that you both like.


Visit auctions and collect antiques. Collect coins, comic books, stamps, or souvenirs from tourist places you have visited. Visit a market to look for unusual things, maybe you can even restore and sell the things you bought for a profit.

Marriage should be fun! If you have forgotten them and have fallen into a boring routine, then it is time to try something new and rekindle your spirit of adventure.

Translated and adapted by LeeAnne Carrasco from Shelli Proffitt Howells article, “The couple that plays together stays together: 10 ideas for couple fun.”

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