Pitbull Does The Most Unexpected To Help A Group Of People About To Die In Puerto Rico

Pitbull shows a side of his heart that melts us all.

This group of people have something in common, they are all fighting for their lives. They live in Puerto Rico, a place that has been hit by nature recently and that struggles trying to put its pieces together.

Among so much misfortune, there have been many celebrities who have joined by sending help to the island. Today the news was covered with Pitbull’s great act of love and solidarity.

“Pitbull sends private plane to transport cancer patients to the United States,” announced the media.

Armando Cristian Perez, the rapper’s real name, decided to help in a very particular way, while the island is without electricity and unable to give the chemotherapy treatments that these patients need to continue fighting for their lives.

Jenniffer González, the island’s congresswoman, thanked the singer’s honorable and sweet decision.

In a short note published by the New York Daily News Pitbull expressed “Thank God I have been blessed to help. I’m just doing my part.

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The singer’s simple act of love will help these people and their families to continue to have hope and to continue fighting for their lives.

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