Pink’s Daughter Tells Him That She “is The Ugliest Girl He Knows”; What The Singer Does In Response Left All Parents With Tears In Their Eyes

The reaction of this famous mother spreads like wildfire in the networks.

“Mommy, I’m the ugliest girl I know.”

Recently the MTV Awards were held, and according to what was published by TN, the singer “Pink” was awarded for her artistic career, in addition to being part of the show with a presentation.

During the speech of appreciation for his recognition he sent an inspired message to the audience and people in general.

The artist recounted a conversation she had recently had with her 6-year-old daughter, Willow, who had told her that she felt “the ugliest girl she knew,” so the surprised mother decides to go home and prepare a presentation for her. Powerpoint, where it presents images of famous rock singers who lived their truth despite the ridicule.

Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Prince, David Bowie, were some of the examples that she used.

Then Pink asked her daughter “why did she feel like this?” To which Willow replied that she “looks like a boy with long hair” and added, “You look beautiful,” referring to her mother.

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Pink explained that many people also made fun of her for her manly appearance, and took the opportunity to ask her, “Can you imagine me, with long hair and my different body?” , she answered, NO !, then she affirmed: «daughter, we do not change, we help others to change so that they see more forms of beauty».

About us?

Knowing who we are is part of the development of our identity, if we deny who we really are, life becomes uphill, and we suffer a constant internal struggle between what we are and what we believe we “should be.”

I recently wrote an article about the importance in the formation of the child’s identity, in which I explained that it was an evolutionary development, and it had two fundamental elements, one “the knowledge we have of ourselves”, and second, “The idea that others perceive about us.”

The ideas and comments that we hear during our childhood from our parents, teachers, siblings or relatives.

From this arises what is called self-knowledge or the formation of a stable identity that ends in adolescence. From the age of 18, coinciding with the arrival of formal logical thinking, in order to start with the adult stage.

Gender identity, culture, profession and behavior

This identity formation process aims to know and recognize oneself as individual and unique beings, a process that occurs in the psychological, biological and social areas, and occurs in a dynamic way, through time, internally perceiving who we are, and accepting the definitions, and stigmas of society,

Hence the stereotypes that men wear blue, girls pink, construction is work for men, no woman can be a police officer, or a male teacher, etc., examples that perhaps are no longer so marked, because thanks to time the behaviors and attitudes of people in “different” situations have been changing.

Thus, one day we arrive and recognize ourselves as thin, fat, talented, good at cooking, good at studying, etc.

Being who we are takes time

From the earliest years of age, parents try to guide our children to follow values, ideals, or a path, which we consider to be the best, and it certainly is, because we all want the best for our children.

Conflicts begin when as parents, we cannot see or understand that they think differently, or are different.

Some children are born with a determination that can be seen from a young age, my daughter, a woman, she always knew what she wanted, from the first day of life, that she insisted on sticking to me, and I could never put her in the cradle in the hospital, or in their room, however, there are others who are more vulnerable to the family mandate, and remain hidden, without manifesting what they really want until they are adults.

Most human beings, we understand over time, what we really want to be, and who we really are.

Well, the place where the true essence of being is sought is within each one, and not outside in the opinion, stigmas or stereotypes of society, and precisely for that reason, is that Pink, the singer of the story, took the opportunity to send a message to everyone … in the beauty of being there is variety, creativity, diversity, acceptance, compassion, empathy, suffering, truth, hatred and love.

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