Panic Attacks: How To Have A Better Quality Of Life?

The story of a person who lives day to day with anxiety disorder.

There are conditions that go completely unnoticed by others. Many times due to ignorance of it, and many times because those who suffer from them prefer to remain silent out of pain or fear of being judged.

I want to share with you now a story that impacted me. I spoke with a person who suffers from anxiety disorder, I did not know what it was about. This person explained to me in detail what he felt and what he has done to have a better quality of life. I asked her to translate it into a text to take it to you, so that maybe you can find yourself in her feeling.

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I am survivor

I know what it feels like, I am a survivor, I understand you and I accompany you, but for that reason I have also decided to tell you today a little about my experience; so that you can get ahead in your life; so that you do not stagnate and above all, so that you are happy.

My name is Lucero and as a result of a car accident, an irrational fear arose in me to travel in any type of transport. It wasn’t just nerves, it wasn’t just stress, it was a real terror when leaving home. It was an internal struggle and a struggle with my relatives as well, because they, like me, did not understand what was happening.

With tremendous fear, I went out into the world and then I lived a true hell: my hands began to sweat, it was difficult for me to breathe, my heart accelerated to the point of believing that it would come out of my chest, my legs were tense so much that I could not move them , I was nauseous, my hands and face tingled. I felt like I was going to die and I was in such a panic that I wanted to run away from the transport I was in and began to scream. The symptoms lasted about 10 minutes and after that I only had a shaking pain in my whole body.

My family was worried and desperate because anxiety affected every area of ​​my life and although they supported me, I was the one who began to investigate what was happening to me; until one day I found a possible diagnosis for my nightmare.

What I had was very similar to anxiety disorder and manifested itself through a panic attack, which, according to the Spanish Society for the Study of Anxiety and Stress (SEAS): «is a very intense anxiety reaction , accompanied by the feeling of lack of ability to control this reaction, and even the conviction that one may die at that moment.

I told my family what I had investigated and we sought psychological help. I was in therapy for a while and it personally helped me understand myself a little more. She confirmed that I had anxiety disorder and I felt a little calmer, listened to.

However, I was unable to continue therapy for financial reasons, but that did not stop me from fighting my panic, but what did I do to feel better?

  1. I started exercising to get rid of my anxiety in a healthy way.

  2. I wrote down everything I felt and thought, because that is always a way to vent.

  3. I fed myself as well as possible.

  4. I distracted my mind when going on a trip, I always carried books or headphones to listen to music.

  5. I took refuge in my family and friends, because their support is also important to feel better.

  6. I talked to myself, gave myself self-therapy and repeated how strong and brave I was. It made me feel like I had the ability to once again resolve the battle with anxiety and panic. This was undoubtedly the most important point of all.

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Currently my fear has decreased, my life has changed because I have helped myself and I have not refused the help of other people. And although sometimes I still am a little afraid to go out on the street, for two years I no longer have panic attacks. I live happy, but above all, I live in peace. So believe in yourself, you too can get rid of anxiety!

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