What’s Wrong With Getting Divorced?

To you, who before any setback you put the word divorce on the table, these words are addressed. Divorce went from being the last option to being the first. While before couples tried anything to avoid separating, today “irreconcilable differences” are the backpack where everything fits. From little tolerance to problems, little coexistence, stress and

The Road To Diabetes In 3 Steps

Although age, ethnicity, and heredity increase risk, make no mistake, it is our actions that have made diabetes the epidemic of the 21st century. Taking into account that human beings, from time immemorial, have longed for the secret of eternal life, it is contradictory that we do so little to take care of our lives.

How To Attract Good Fortune

Life is much less a straight path. So if you need luck around you, here I tell you how to get it. We all want to be lucky, and in order to be lucky we have mutilated rabbits, avoided going under a ladder, we usually look desperately for four-leaf clovers, and for nothing in the