Overcome The Fear Of Failure And Start To Succeed.

Fear is a paralyzing feeling. The fear that we have to trust ourselves makes us settle for better bad for being known than good for knowing. Overcome the fear of failure and start to succeed.

If you like, watch the video first and then read this story.

For years he closed his eyes and imagined himself dying. It could be said that it was a wish, and he was so unhappy that his dreams were not of life, but of death. Yet every morning I did exactly the same thing as the day before, and the other before, and so on in reverse. She didn’t want to live like this, but she felt incapable of doing anything. I was afraid!

And it is that fear is a paralyzing feeling. And it is so much so that the fear of being on our own is what most of the time does not allow us to take that step so necessary to move forward in our lives. The fear we have to trust ourselves makes us settle for better bad for being known than good for knowing, giving up in advance any chance of success that life may have for us.

This attitude is what leads us not to dare to undertake that business, to study that career, to leave our parents’ house, to say goodbye to that life of dissatisfaction in which we find ourselves, and we postpone it for so long while waiting for a Tomorrow we do not allow it to arrive, an ideal moment that never seems to be, and suddenly we realize that life has passed and that we are still stuck in the same place.

They say that God’s times are perfect, but if we do not open ourselves to those times, if we are not receptive to the signs and do not do our part, no supreme power can push us to do what we have to do to reach our full potential.

I remember a joke about a man who is drowning and in the midst of the storm asks God to help him; A ship passes by his side whose crew says, “Get on,” but the man thanks them and rejects the invitation, since he trusts in God and hopes that he will help him; Other boats parade from it, offering help, but he gives the same answer to all of them. Finally the man dies and goes to heaven, where he complains to God why he let him die, to which he responds, “I didn’t let you die, you wanted it that way, because I sent you several ships and none of you wanted to go up.”

In a similar way it happens with those of us who let opportunities pass us by without daring to reach out to reach them; we complain about our luck, but luck is not that things come directly to your hands, but knowing what you want, preparing yourself to have the tools to help you achieve what you are looking for and doing what is necessary to make it happen.

The best way to overcome fear when it has taken over our mind is to face it; However, no one faces a battle unarmed; Therefore, to face it and overcome it you need:

Train you

The more prepared we are, the more knowledge we have, the more confidence we place in ourselves and in our abilities.

Take care

. Do not stay without doing anything, because leisure is the mother of all vices, and an idle mind wanders towards the worst scenarios.

Keep bad influences away from you

Do not surround yourself with people who insist on highlighting the negative side of things all the time, because you run the risk of catching their attitude. One thing is fear in response to a real and tangible danger and another very different is imaginary fear, the one that has no real sustenance and that, in the end, is the most dangerous.

Don’t see fear as a bad thing

But as a common feeling like joy; accept it and capitalize on it, that it helps you to be alert.

Think that failure is just an option, as is success and that only by trying will you be able to discover whether or not you are doing the right actions.

Don’t close your eyes, don’t limit yourself, don’t hide your arms, don’t allow your dreams to be nightmares; encourage yourself, get over yourself, believe in yourself and keep moving, no one has ever gotten anywhere if they stay static. Remember that the path is made by walking.

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