Opposite Poles, Happy Marriage

Find out how polar opposites can be happily ever after, regardless of their differences.

The famous phrase “Opposites attract” is a general law of Physics that most of us adopt when falling in love: men and women commonly think, act, feel differently and, despite this, they need and they complement each other to achieve a love.

On many occasions I ask myself: why is my husband with me, if we are poles apart? His way of thinking and acting is totally opposite to my beliefs and way of life; I dare say that, if we thought and acted in the same way, we would avoid many arguments but life would have no meaning: the taste of love would be lost.

For some time now, I have been able to read comments and stories that made me reflect on the fortune and blessing of having found my better half. After researching and analyzing the topic of how to become a happy marriage despite being polar opposites, I decide to share with you some advice that, from my point of view, is of great value. So if you and your partner are polar opposites, the following will help you a lot:

1. Learn to listen

When your partner is exchanging ideas and opinions, you will often or almost always find that you do not hear what you want to hear; then a great discussion begins. The first thing you should do is calm down, let your partner finish talking, and listen carefully. This way you will easily analyze the situation and allow you to reflect. They don’t have to think like you to be worth listening to.

2. Access your wellness

That wonderful force that is our ego, can complicate your married life. If your partner is happy with you, with your support, with your understanding, learn to agree in some situations and opinions, even if you do not totally agree. Remember that giving in on some things brings balance to the relationship and is part of a healthy coexistence.

3. Together, but not scrambled

On a Sunday, I love being at home, enjoying a good movie; my husband loves to go fishing and enjoy nature. As you can see, we are polar opposites and of different tastes. If this is your case too, I advise you to learn to communicate and reach an agreement or balance, to be able to share moments as a couple that are satisfactory for both of you.

4. Find the matches

Your husband must want to get home every day; To do this, you must learn to find those points of agreement between you, so that you achieve a bond of union and growth from your similarities. Reflect on tastes, topics to talk about, places to visit that both of you like; Focus on them more than the differences and they will share many happy and memorable moments.

5. Respect and support their ideas

As much as you disagree with these ideas, try to respect and support your partner. Think that your actions and thoughts will never count about you and the well-being of your family. If you think you can improve that same idea, opinion or decision, talk about it and share it with him in a harmonious way.

6. Let go of the “should”

Try to stop thinking that your partner “should” act or think in a certain way. This will not bring anything good to your relationship; Instead, focus on the things that you must change in order for your partner to be happy. Accept your mistakes and modify your defects. If both do it equally, happiness will be a simple matter.

Having different hobbies does not mean that the relationship will not work, on the contrary: different tastes and opinions can benefit the relationship. The love, respect and commitment of one towards the other must be reinforced, it only takes a change of attitude and accessing a common welfare. Opposites can become a perfect and solid couple, as long as the two reflect on the importance of love.

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