One-year-old Boy Ends Up With His Finger Sewn To His Abdomen In An Attempt To Save It, After Being Bitten By A Horse

He just wanted to do what he liked best and it ended in the most unexpected way.

His mother took him to do one of his favorite activities, which for some parents, at that age can be dangerous from their points of view. The boy ended up in the hospital with his finger cooked to his abdomen.

The boy’s mother took them to a farm in Taiwan so he could spend time with the animals and could see and touch them. Ignoring the security signs at the site, she lifted her little envelope from the fence that separated the horses, so that he could feed one of the animals.

What was not expected

The big black horse approached to remove the food from the child’s hand, taking part of the index finger with a bite. His mother, Liu Ching, in desperation managed to remove the part of the child’s finger that the animal had bitten and called an ambulance that took him to hospital for medical assistance.

The surprising treatment

The surgeons, as reported in up Social, spent 3 hours in the operating room trying to save the finger, but did not dare to join the piece that the horse had taken out because it was contaminated by bacteria.

There they decided the unexpected

Instead of risking the child’s life by attaching the infected finger to his hand, they decided to attach it to the skin of his abdomen. In the process they wrapped their finger in the skin of the stomach, according to the Daily Mail, while trying to restore the finger to its “previous healthy state.”

“The worst day of my life”

The boy’s mother, who called this the “worst day of his life,” blames the farm for not having proper security. However, her claims are not being heard by anyone, as the popular farm apparently has signs everywhere warning parents not to do exactly what she did.

Apparently, this practice in situations like these is not atypical

According to The Mary Sue, a similar case took place when a man cut his finger, and Doctor Huang Xueson would have come up with the novel solution, claiming “that they had to make a quick decision to make sure that the man did not lose his finger.” , so they attached it to the skin of her abdomen.

The idea is based on the fact that in this way the finger continues to receive blood supply even while it heals by itself.

In Huston, United States, Frank Reyes underwent a similar surgery, but in his case it was with his whole hand.

Many of these accidents can be avoided simply by reading the signs and obeying them.

When we are with our children, sometimes we become like children too and we think that nothing is going to happen to them … if we have just fed the horse or the dog with our hands and they did not bite us, why would they happen to them?

The answer is simple, they do not have the same reflexes as us, nor the same experiences, and specifically that is the reason why amusement parks or places where there are children, they are asked to be accompanied by an adult.

Another factor to take into account is the presence of the E coli bacteria in zoos and farms where children can interact with animals.

According to a report by WebMD, 5 cases in which children contracted this bacteria in a Florida zoo, causing their kidneys to stop working.

This bacterium can be present in animals, in the food they are given, and on surfaces that have been contaminated, so it is recommended that parents wash their children’s hands well before, during and after their stay in places with animals. farm.

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