On The First Date, Never Forget To Ask These 5 Questions

The excitement of having a first date can make you forget the most important thing. What are you going to talk about? These questions can guide you to get to know him in depth just in the first meeting.

I was not born to love, nobody was born for me “; This phrase is a fragment of one of the famous melodies of the Mexican singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel. When listening to it, that memory of my youth always comes to mind, when my best friend sang it with great passion.

She was disillusioned with love, said she was unsuccessful in stable relationships, and that men used to seek her out just for fun. As if it were their destiny, at that time they began to use social networks to meet people who live in other parts of the world. In just one afternoon my friend already had five virtual friends.

After months of talking with them and getting to know them, she told me that one of her friends or suitor (so to speak) was inviting her out to meet in person, since he was on vacation in his city. This is how my friend began to feel that fear mixed with illusion, when she did not know what she was going to do on her first date.

The first impression is not forgotten

It may sound superficial and even frivolous, to say that the first impression that a person gives you is the one that will drive us to continue to engage in a conversation or outright cut it off, and more if it is about finding the love of a partner.

Therefore, you have to know that there are many aspects that must be taken care of to impress that person that you like so much. What are you going to wear, if the meeting will be day or night,what will you order to eatWhat a hairstyle, in short, a huge list. But, surely you do not know what to ask on a first date, so that it is not boring and the ice can be cut (as we say here in Mexico).

1 Looking for common tastes

Question: What is your favorite hobby? , Do I remember that your favorite hobby is…? This question will open the doors for you to start an interesting conversation, in which you can participate by commenting on your own life experiences, emphasizing your hobbies, hobbies and the things you like to do in your free time.

Surely, you will find something that you like about that person, since you are supposed to have time talking with him; If it is not the case and you are just going to know it, this is the ideal question to find that magical connection and know if they arecompatible.

2 Will the bill pay?

Question: What do you do? Or did you tell me that you do…? In addition to the response, you can find a great interest in the work that he does; Maybe you don’t know any of that and for that reason it will be a good conversation to learn a little more about their abilities and skills. It will even be a valuable acquired knowledge.

In this way you will know more or less what the economic status is; Since being honest, it is important to know that the person you like and want to establish a loving relationship, has a certain independence and financial support, or at least make sure that she will pay the bill for the first date, if that is the Or maybe you’re one of those who prefers to pay half, and that’s okay too.

3 Will it be homey?

Whether it is due to maternal instinct, or the simple fact of being women, or because it is the only way of reproduction that exists in humanity, many of us want to form a beautiful family with a good man.

After all, having children is something that is given out of love and as a way to formalize the relationship. Therefore, it is important to find out if the person you like has a good family relationship, what their values ​​are like and, if so, their childhood; This may be a good indication to know if you like children or if you want to be a dad.

Question: How did you spend Christmas and New Year? Do you have parents, brothers, nephews? You can start with these types of questions, it is even advisable to start by yourself, talking about your relationship with your siblings, nephews and family, or with those friends who are part of your emotional circle.

4 Good sense of humor

One of the fundamental characteristics in all love relationships is that both have a good sense of humor, since being with someone who laughs is contagious, therefore it will make you feel good.

Question: Can you tell me about some of the mischief you did as a child? , surely a thousand funny anecdotes will come to your mind that you will want to share too, especially when you made your parents, siblings, friends or school teachers angry. As they say “to remember is to live again”; so laugh again and liven up the atmosphere of your first date.

5 Spirituality

By this I do not mean that you start to chat about religious topics or that you ask how many times do you visit your temple? With spirituality I mean to find that key point that makes us humble, generous and honest people, perhaps more humanitarian.

In order to inquire about these aspects, you can make a list of very defined questions, for what you really want to know, for example: ask him, have you ever adopted a pet? What do you suggest I do with the bag of things that I no longer I use it, where can I take it? I am planning to visit the elderly, do you have time, do you want to accompany me?

Even with this point I do not mean that you lie about what you would like him to do, but that you share the humanitarian side that you have, talking about your own life experiences.

Remember the first date should be as fun as possible, without having ideological debates that make you angry for defending your ideas. So now you know, the most important thing is that you are you, just as you are without changing anything, letting that beautiful personality flow that everyone loves.


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