Obama Publishes The Most Liked Message In History On His Twitter Account, At A Critical Moment In His Country; Words Are Unnecessary Next To The Striking Image

The death of three people in a demonstration led the former president to publish the “best Twitter message in history.”

The best twitter in history

After the unfortunate events that occurred in the post of racial hatred and anti-racist positions, in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, which left three dead and several injured, most people have used the networks to upload expressions for or against of the facts.

Former President Barack Obama, joined this form of expressions through his twitter account, making history in this type of account by receiving a historical number of “likes.”

The former president, who has not made many public statements since he left the White House, has made some significant interventions through the networks.

«No one is born hating another person …»

As reported by CBS News, Mr. Barack published one of Nelson Mandela’s many famous phrases where he clearly expresses the origins of racial differences.

«No one is born hating another person, because of their skin color, origin or religion. People have to learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can also be taught to love, love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.

During a racial supremacy march

The events began while a group of racial supremacy, the largest in recent years in history, was demonstrating on the streets of the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, ending in a confrontation with a group of counter protesters, leaving death as a result. of three people and 34 injured.

A vehicle that crashed into the counter-protester group, driven by a 20-year-old young man, was the cause of three people losing their lives and another seriously injured.

The charges applied to the young man will not only be for murder, but a parallel investigation Federal is considering carrying out an investigation on violation of Civil Rights, for possible act motivated by racial discrimination.

These events motivated the reactions of many people in defense of racial discrimination and vice versa, creating mixed feelings and fear in the general population.

How does the division of races affect society?

Never have the words of Nelson Mandela been more appropriate, as in these moments, where racial differences are unfortunately on the increase.

A poll conducted by CNN and the Kaiser Family Foundation published on CNN Espanol, finds that 49% of people living in the United States say that “racism” is a big problem these days.

A higher percentage than two decades ago.

The reasons for these results are still unknown, however, situations of police abuse, the news on television about racial differences and social discrimination, negatively impact the population creating feelings of hatred or individual reactions, as if everyone had light. green to express their discontent and lack of mutual tolerance.

It all starts at home

As I have already mentioned in previous articles, the home is the source of knowledge, love, and values ​​that will govern the lives of our children in society.

And it does not matter how many times we remind them that they should not make differences of race, color or religion, if with our example we do the opposite.

If it is important to face situations or public news, talk with the children to clarify the differences, and emphasize that violence is not the means of solving the problem.

Some suggestions to teach your children tolerance and understanding:

  • Take every opportunity to teach that we are all different, as an example when children comment on a friend from school with different characteristics, red hair, slanted eyes, etc., they are excellent opportunities to show respect for racial differences.

  • Teach them about ethnic differences from a young age. Take advantage of reading books that show people from all over the world, with different clothes, customs, languages ​​and religion.

  • Try not to express opinions in front of children about your racial differences, and try to be fair in front of them even if they have different or extreme opinions.

  • Learn to have the most appropriate answers to the most common questions of children on the subject … about different skin colors, religions or beliefs associated with other cultures.

  • If they hear news related to the subject, try to explain the situation according to their understanding.


“No one is born hating another person, however, love is a natural feeling that comes with its own life.”

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