Newlyweds In Latin America: When The Economy Is Against You.

He: “Then they got married, and they lived happily ever after” is not what many of the Latin American families go through: nobody is impervious to their circumstances. However, when there is true love, sacrifices will always lead to happiness.

When my girlfriend and I decided to unite in holy and sacred marriage, it was not only to receive God’s blessing, from our friends and family: it was also to make one of the goals that we had set for ourselves as a couple come true: To have a family! And that was how a whole new adventure began, for which frankly we were not prepared, no matter how much we wanted to; A year after we subscribed to the legality of man and God, our daughter Gabriela Alejandra, «Pelos», López Jiménez, came to this world. Who seemed to bring with him a bag full of wonderful questions, joys and vicissitudes.

Economic problems

During its first two years of life, the home that we recently planned to build was hard hit by a depressing financial situation that brought us down. To stay afloat, we use grandparents as wild cards or lifesavers, as well as our respective mothers, who then became the nannies and guardians of both our daughter and ourselves. The situation was so difficult that we divided our family into three. Our daughter had to go with her paternal grandmother, my wife to her mother’s house, and I even kicked the street.

Certainly each and every one of those days and months, every hour and minute that we went through that abrupt separation from our nuclear family, my mind and my wife’s wandered between sanity and madness. They were very difficult times, where each thought had weight and value for each step we took. The only certainty we had was the firm hope of meeting all the expenses as soon as possible, to meet again. Each day that we survived in the concrete jungle, and by doing so, without realizing it, made us much stronger and much more confident of the path we had decided to travel. Yet everything was a constant struggle of interests and emotions.

Nobody is impervious to their circumstances

Missing things like your daughter’s first steps, her first words, pampering her to put her to bed, playing in bed, not being present at those moments at times destroyed what little serenity I managed to obtain. The adversity was so strong that there came a time when one began to question; to consider a series of unthinkable hypotheses, because despair is one of the worst advisers, and I said to myself: Is it worth it? Is it the right thing to do? Will I ever be able to forgive myself for this? And inadvertently, at times you lose sight of the horizon drawn. Then doubt and uncertainty turn into a multi-headed monster waiting to engulf you.

And it is the point of that story, because it is precisely at that moment, in which a difference can and should be made; It is then when the conviction of the momentary sacrifice to reach the goal should be shouted from the rooftops, shaking off all negative thoughts and those that spoil the vision; When this happens with the necessary conviction, immediately good things inevitably begin to happen.

May your faith not fail: soon there will be a way out

This is how one day we received the good news of new and stable jobs. With patience and little by little, my wife and I got together again, after three months living rented in a small room. Then we were able to access a small annex and with this, bring our little “Pelos” back with us. In this way we press the ” resetbutton and, so to speak, we “re-start” our house to transform it with a lot of sweat, into a great home. My wife said: “My Home already has a Home, because I always knew that I had a home.”

If you are currently going through circumstances similar to those that happened to us, I tell you that what at some point devastated us, today gives us the courage required to move forward, and go for much more. This will be possible as long as we strive to always be that which we have strived for all these years: a very happy family, with a splendid home full of love.

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