New Way To Fight Obesity, According To A Study

Diets, exercises, and … What else? Find out in this article and start a new life.

Obesity is a disease that is always studied in order to prevent or treat it, not counting the number of diets that are in the news every day. For me, who have lived a little overweight in the last ten years, and after trying various ways to lose weight, I understood that there is only one way: close my mouth, exercise and join a group!

Years ago, when I got fat for the first time (since all my life I was very thin), I decided to be part of a group called “fat anonymous people”, that we had nothing of anonymous. During my participation in this group, I learned that in addition to diet and walking, my weight loss was due to the “group”.

Bad mood doesn’t help, study finds

Of course, it is never easy, and thanks to science we always have new ways that encourage us to choose other paths and give back hope to face a new battle. 

According to a newor its Torit gave, cshared by Nutritionist Juan Manuel Romero Villa in his work He who gets angry gets fatWhen talking about overweight, the emotional area of ​​the person is not always taken into account, rather only the physical aspect.

According to the expert, the fat person goes through many different emotional states: fear, anxiety, frustration, highlighting the “bad mood” as an important trigger when it comes to eliminating energy.

According to the doctor, when a person gets angry they secrete adrenaline and cortisol, causing the cells to swell and preventing the release of energy, energy that will later become extra weight.

The bad mood also affects the lifestyle, creating a chain of frustrations. Both aspects, physical and emotional, are the perfect combo to lose weight, and people who suffer from this disease should make an introspective analysis of their lives to achieve reconciliation with ourselves, according to the professional.

A true story  

I recently read in the news the unfortunate passing of a young man who battled obesity for the past 12 years. Maximiliano Oliva was known for participating in one of the many television shows that help people lose weight. In 2007 the young man entered the contest with more than 200 kilos, and ended up losing 100 kilos, which attributed him to being the champion of that year’s contest.

After that, Maximiliano started a family with one of the participants, and they both had a beautiful girl. Unfortunately, maintaining weight is the biggest challenge in this battle, and it was what Maximiliano was practically killed by.

During 2017, the participant requested to return to the program to compete, but this time he had reached 400 kilos, and although he tried for several months, this time the extreme overweight and frustration won, and Maximiliano died of cardiac arrest. 

Become aware and prevent

To become aware is to start now to do something, especially with our young children and adolescents. Remember that statistics affirm that obese people have a greater possibility of contracting diabetes and having heart deficiencies, as well as emotional consequences that produce states of anxiety, depression and frustration.

According to Stanford Health Care Obesity is a chronic disease that increasingly attacks children and adolescents, stating that “the possibility of an obese person becoming an obese adult increases by 20% and 80% for adolescence.”

That is, if your child is obese at 4 years of age, he has a 20% greater chance of being obese in adulthood, and if he is obese in adolescence, the chances of him being obese as an adult go up by 80% .

Prevention in children and adolescents

-Establish good eating habits, and not focus so much on weight 

-Be an example as parents of having a good diet and physical activity 

-Stimulate physical activity from children; you can just walk twice a week with your kids 

-Reduce the time in front of the television or computer; it is estimated that two hours per day is enough for children

-Teach to eat when hungry and to do it slowly

-Avoid using food as rewards for good behavior, or removing food as a consequence

-Keep the refrigerator with healthy products, and not with snacks that contain a high level of sugar

-Offer fruits 5 times a day, at least

-Avoid soda, and teach them to drink only water  


They say that we are what we eat, that is, our physical and mental well-being depends 100% on how we eat. If you feel in a bad mood every day, remember that it is not helping your physical and mental health either. Surpassing ourselves is one of the reasons why we are in this life; Let nothing stop you from starting a healthier life, not even a bad mood!

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