New Study Reveals What Time Of Day Men Prefer To Be Infiel And What Means They Use To Communicate With Their Lovers

The most dangerous hour, by what means and the four traits that make him a potential cheater.

Playing cat and mouse or sniffing around to find out if the person who promised us love forever is being unfaithful to us is not fun for anyone, however, being the victims of infidelity seems to be a difficult evil to avoid, but NOT impossible. .

This new study revealed more data that, on the one hand, help us because we know better where to ‘check’, on the other hand, they can leave us somewhat paranoid.

The news portal The Sun recently published the results of a study conducted by the experts of a dating site, determining what time men are more likely to interact and ‘chat’ with their lover or with the woman (who is not his wife) and what is the means they use to do it.

The favorite time is 10 at night, and the favored medium is nothing more and nothing less than Facebook.

According to the study, 75% of unfaithful husbands choose Facebook as their accomplice when communicating with their mistress and without raising suspicion.

The report reads: «Everyone has Facebook so it does not raise any suspicion (…), messages are easy to delete for security reasons, they are protected by a password, and also the photos of that person make passion grow, without the need to invest too much time or effort.

The study also added that, with its photos with filters that make people look perfect, and a life “covered in sugar”, Facebook is the perfect platform for emotional infidelities, texts with the intention of conquering or attracting someone’s attention. , and for dirty secrets.

What leads them to do it

One of the biggest signs that someone may become unfaithful in the future is their present ability to lie. One of the warning flags that as women we must always take into account is to know if they lie to us and what they lie to us about.

According to experts, in addition to cheating being more comfortable with lies, there are some personality traits in men that make them more likely to cheat on the woman they love.

  • Physical beauty

Unfortunately, the more attractive a man is, the more likely he is to be tempted to cheat. It is something like the law of demand and supply. Faced with an increase in demand, men tend to be more tempted.

  • Opportunity makes the thief

As well as the saying and as the study, if a man who does not feel bad lying to the person he loves, finds the right opportunity to be unfaithful, it is very likely that he will. According to the study, Facebook would be that ready opportunity to make him a thief.

  • The willingness to take risks

Another important factor at play is the lack of fear or the predisposition to take risks for what you like or are attracted to at the time. That impulsiveness that does not let them see beyond their own pleasure, that does not allow them to measure the consequences of their actions, is a factor that makes a man more prone to deception.

What if your man has all these personality traits and uses FB at 10pm

Nothing happens.

The important thing about the information we have shared is that by knowing it, subconsciously you will be more attentive to some details, but in no way is it recommended that you use it against the person you love, just because you read it.

I believe that each of us knows the person who married, knows what that person feels and what they are willing to do for or against the relationship. Sneaking sniffing around and playing private detective never does anyone any good.

The most important thing we can rescue is that in a relationship and for which functions there must always be trust and communication. When these pillars fail, even if your man never thought about cheating on you, the relationship will start to shake.

Trust is something that is earned and that when you have it, it is fed and respected as the most valuable of treasures.

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