New Study Discovers That This Internet Application Helps Your Children To Have Healthier And Closer Friendships


Do you know the social network Instagram? Yes, the one that in recent months has gained great popularity among much of the population, it is based on placing photos and videos that others can see and comment on. If you have a teenager at home and have a profile on this social network, it could be very beneficial in their friendships, this is confirmed by a study. Here we present what it says, check it out!

Stronger friendships thanks to Instagram?

That is what the study by Eline Frison of the University of Leuven affirms in her presentation at the sixty-seventh conference of the International Association in San Diego, California. The author of this research explained that young people who use Instagram feel closer and loved by their close circle of friends who follow them on this social network.

What was he based on to say this?

The study consisted of asking a series of adolescents through surveys the use of certain social networks (Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram) as well as some categories such as: the level of satisfaction they felt with life, depressive symptoms and level of loneliness. It is worth mentioning that these adolescents who were the object of the study answered these surveys for six months and had manifested some disorders in their behavior.

After six months, the group of adolescents who had used Instagram, showed serious indicators of a higher level of self-esteem and confessed to having felt “much more loved and cared for by their friends in that social network”, which makes her conclude that Young people who use this social network can establish much stronger friendships than those who use other networks.

What is this for?

Currently, with this work, the researcher Frison sets a precedent, since there are no studies that talk about the behavior and levels of depression in adolescents who use Instagram, which draws a lot of attention from other researchers who have taken this subject to carry out other works that can reaffirm the postulate of the author.

It is worth mentioning that other studies have already been done but related specifically to Facebook and these reveal that adolescents, on many occasions, do not feel as close to their Facebook friends as is the case with Instagram. The author added that “the level of popularity on Instagram can be crucial for aspects such as depression or the level of self-esteem in a teenager since this age group has many risks if their friends do not interact with them as they would like.”

Therefore, if you have an adolescent at home and you realize that he is stuck on Instagram, it is surely because he has a high level of interaction with the people who follow him, which can be seen in the medium term. with levels of feeling much more wanted and precious, let him show everything he wants on this social network!

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