New Scientific Study Reveals 6 Amazing Characteristics Of A Man Who Will Not Cheat On You

Trust me, none of these 6 characteristics are things one would normally imagine.

Apparently science has come to a conclusion: There are at least 6 characteristics that men who will NOT be unfaithful share. Read on and find out if you are with an infidel or faithful by nature.

The recent study published in the American Sociological Review reveals some very interesting facts regarding male infidelity. According to this study conducted by the University of Connecticut, there are certain factors, mostly related to power, that make a man unfaithful or not.

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1. Income

As pointed out in the study, men who earn less or earn nothing compared to their women will be much more prone to infidelity. In contrast, those who are the main providers of the support and sustenance of the family, are only prone to infidelity in 4%, compared to 25%, of those men who earn less than their partners.

Apparently the magic number is equality. If both earn the same, as concluded by this study, the chances that he wants to be unfaithful are almost zero.

2. Tell me who he’s with and I’ll tell you who he is

One of my grandmother’s favorite sayings seems to make sense when it comes to infidelity. Apparently the people around your man have more influence than we would like.

According to this study, if your husband’s friends are unfaithful, your husband is much more likely to be intrigued, start to see it as normal, and if the opportunity presents itself, decide to give it a try. On the contrary, if he surrounds himself with friends who have families and heats, he will be inspired to follow suit.

3. Is emotionally happy

This study concluded that most men do not choose to be unfaithful to their wife because they feel physically dissatisfied, but on the contrary, most of the unfaithful feel emotionally empty.

If that connection that existed at the beginning, that complicity and desire to be together begins to disappear and coexistence becomes torture, most likely this man decides to seek to fill the emotional voids that he now has, with another woman (eye, I’m not justifying them).

4. Comes from a large family

For some reason, not explained in detail in the study results, it appears that men who are only children are more prone to infidelity. It will be the habit of having everything they want, the inability to share or the indulgences granted, but whatever it is, if a man comes from a large family, he is more likely to remain faithful to the end.

5. Little sexual

And yes, if your man is one of those men who loves to be intimate, then you should pay attention, because these types of men have a lot of work to have to reject an offer to be unfaithful.

6. Loves heavy metal

Yes, the strangest of all. I remember when I was a teenager and my cousin, who is like my sister, dated a guy who played in a heavy metal band. My grandmother did not understand why she always dressed in black and wore her hair so long. The truth is that I don’t know if I was ever unfaithful to my cousin, but according to science, and as strange as it may seem, men who enjoy this type of music are less likely to be unfaithful.

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