New Parents: What To Do While Waiting For The Baby?

It’s new, it’s magical. It is a time of waiting, but also of action. Find out what they can do while they wait for their first baby.

We hear the good news, and we already feel that something is changing. Without a doubt, something very new and beautiful is brewing in our lives; at that precise moment we began to be parents. This produces many emotions, but it also triggers doubts and anxieties. In these coming months, the lives of new parents will take a very different course from what they have experienced. And what better than to apply some tips for this first stage:

Follow your pregnancy step by step

. At this time, thanks to the Internet, they can be informed about the development of the baby. There are many pages that are in charge of sending you an email once a week with the necessary details and recommendations. They have options for calculating your due date, and pictures of what your baby looks like each week. In particular I really like one that is quite complete:

Choose a good specialist

. If you don’t have a trusted professional yet, you can ask one of your friends to give you the information about one. I emphasize trust because I consider it essential that the doctor you choose provides peace of mind throughout your pregnancy and, above all, in the most critical moments, such as childbirth. Talk to him about your expectations and how you would like the delivery to be (cesarean or natural), and make sure that he is not on vacation on the expected date.

Do not be left with doubts

. There are many questions that arise when we are parents for the first time. It is normal, do not be afraid to ask and, if possible, bring the written questions to each control. Do not be ashamed to mention them at the time of the consultation, it is better to read the piece of paper than to forget to ask about a point that may later become a concern.

Find out about health coverage

As well as if you have a social work or a private one (prepaid), they should find out what things the maternal plan covers. There are free benefits that are not always clearly reported if you don’t ask. Another important point is the day of hospitalization: you have to find out if the room will be exclusive or shared, in order to be able to make the necessary provisions, if they prefer the privacy of an exclusive room. Get in touch, if possible, with the place where you plan to intern to inquire about all the details. Some hospitals do not allow a man to stay in shared rooms.

Talk about the time of delivery

. Although today most men have no problem witnessing childbirth, there are those who are still impressed. Evaluate what would be the most convenient, if you want to be together or if you want to be your very impressionable husband, maybe a close relative or friend should accompany you to give you peace of mind. These topics are best discussed in advance so you don’t have to make hasty decisions that day. Do not be offended if he decides not to accompany you, it is not ideal, but it is better to be honest before he passes out the moment you need a hand to hold you.

Get together with friends who were parents

. The best advice is given from experience, and they can advise you in a practical way, such as: what diapers are on the market and their best price in relation to quality. The same with the places where they sell children’s clothing and accessories. You can also ask them what changes the arrival of a child produced in their lives.

Look for names

. It is beautiful to dream of this son who will come and choose a name. Many times, however, the ones we like do not match the surname very well or are the names of people we know. It is not the same to have a predilection for a name than to have to choose one that our son will carry all his life. Talk a lot about this until you are both satisfied. If you don’t know the sex yet, you can choose one for each sex. My main advice is that once you choose them, do not communicate them to anyone, because people tend to express their opinions without paying attention to the consequences, and sometimes an unfortunate comment can make you feel that the chosen name is not appropriate. Here is a link to an interesting article on this topic.

Do not buy unnecessary objects

. In the enthusiasm for receiving the baby, many times too many objects are bought that are not used later. The market offers all kinds of things, some very useful and some not so much. My recommendation is that they wait until the baby is born and they will have a more realistic picture of what they will need. Regarding clothes, keep in mind that you still do not know what the baby’s measurements will be and people usually give them away for the day of birth. If you want a very extensive trousseau, it is better to have it in different sizes. Children in their first months grow very fast and sometimes they are unable to wear that little outfit that they liked so much.

Plan a photoshoot

. They can hire a professional photographer or ask a talented friend of photography to help them. It will be a beautiful memory that you can keep to relive this time as many times as you want. Here you can find some ideas

Enjoy every moment. This stage is unique and unrepeatable. They may be pregnant again, but it will not be the first time nor will they be alone to enjoy it like now. So live each precious moment, write down your feelings each day (you can keep a diary with photos and memories of each stage of pregnancy). Share as a couple everything you are feeling and the expectations you have. Organize your home for the arrival of your baby. Share with your friends because, perhaps, it will take time later before you can have dinner or an outing again. Walk together, laugh together and, above all, sleep a lot, because soon your times will belong to the most important little person in the world: your son.

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