New Baby, What Do You Do To Make Your Older Brother Get Along With Him?

It is very normal that when a baby comes into the family it is difficult for siblings to adapt to it.

It is very normal that when a baby arrives in the family, it is difficult for siblings to adapt to it because babies become the center of attention. They demand more care and this causes older siblings to become “jealous and spoiled”; They may even be hostile to new members of the family and develop negative attitudes that disrupt family harmony.

Fortunately there are ways to stop these feelings:

Do not neglect the older

As parents and relatives, when we have the news of the baby, we take the older children into the background. It is important not to neglect them, to continue celebrating their achievements, to pay the necessary attention so that they do not feel the baby as an intruder who has come to dethrone them. In addition to continually reminding them how much they are loved.

Involve you in your baby’s care

It is important to let them interact, so that the older brother becomes familiar and knows more about his little brother. Simple tasks can be given such as spooning milk into the bottle, passing a toy to the baby if he dropped it.

As mentioned, the point is not to put it aside so that you do not feel that the baby is the one who has everything. The more useful the child feels, the easier it will be for her to latch on.

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Don’t use phrases like

-Don’t make noise because the baby sleeps!

-Gather his toys!

-If something happens to the baby, I will scold you

Children should not be made to feel that everything that happens to the baby is their responsibility or that everything they do will affect them. You have to learn to communicate with them, children are very intelligent and of course they will understand if we explain the why of certain things, it is better to use phrases such as:

-You would help me a lot if you collect the baby’s toys; He is still small and he cannot alone, but when he grows up and is like you, of course he will. We will teach you together to be orderly.

-The baby needs to sleep, what do you think if at the moment we play a game in which we do not make a lot of noise, but as soon as he wakes up we play whatever you prefer.

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Teach them to love it

It may sound difficult because how do you teach yourself to love? That is why you need to have a lot of communication with the child, make him feel special so that he understands that his new brother is his company, he will be his best friend and they can play together.

Make you feel important about the baby’s learning

You can say things like: “You are very intelligent, you can teach your little brother to read”

There are many ways that the older child does not feel displaced. Many times we adults have some guilt when we focus on the baby, but with due attention and the right words, harmony can be achieved with all members of the family, and thus avoid future grudges between siblings who never leave something good.

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